There are pros and cons to every breed of dog, but it’s important to have all of the information before you commit to taking care of a furry friend for the next 10 to 20-ish years. Doing your research ensures that you’re getting a pet that’s well suited to your lifestyle.

Keep reading to find out which dogs don’t do so well in small spaces, which aren’t so tolerant of children, and which need a lot of exercise.


Chihuahuas look pretty innocent. They’re one of the smallest dog breeds, so you would think that they’re also one of the safest. The thing is, because Chihuahuas are small, they have to be super stubborn and aggressive to protect themselves from bigger animals.

While you can train a chihuahua to respect people, if you’re not firm enough they can turn on you and even attack small children who provoke them. They also tend to get jealous of small kids.