Adding a pup ought to be one of the happiest moments for a growing family. When one household adopted its newest member, a particular pup type, they might barely include their excitement to begin raising him. However their excitement would quickly become fear as they started to observe something strange was happening with the latest member of their family.

1A Bundle of Delight

Su Yun resembled a great deal of mothers all over the world, she was hardworking, and her life was nonstop action. She felt like she had her hands full with family time between raising her 2 kids and spending quality time with her other half.

Su Yun and her family were living in China, specifically in a southwest province in Kunming City. Their lives were fairly regular. However that was everything about to change. She will add another member to their household– a family pet. And what she thought would be a happy addition would quickly take a drastic turn, making headlines, putting their family in the spotlight, and altering their lives.