The big Disney+ premiere week comes to a close with another big treat for Star Wars fans: episode 2 of The Mandalorian. It’s only been three days since the show premiered and fans are already clamoring for more Mando action–especially after that big cliffhanger! SPOILERS AHEAD for The Mandalorian Episodes 1 and 2, by the way.

In Episode 2, the Mandalorian tries his damnedest to get off this rocky planet and back to his high-paying client, with (adorable) target in tow. But as is often the case in the Star Wars universe, nothing is easy. He runs into other hunters tracking his bounty and a roving band of scavengers that Star Wars fans know very well. The episode is a tight half hour of action, propelled by this strange (and kinda sweet) new dynamic between a bounty hunter and his prey.

As with the first episode, the second chapter of The Mandalorian contains a bunch of shout outs to past Star Wars lore as well as a few hints of what could be on the way. In case you were too focused on all the adventure or too distracted by the cutest character since BB-8, here’s a rundown of the five things you may have missed.

2Force healing

There are so many questions surrounding the Mandalorian’s new pal/bounty. First, are they a baby Yoda? Are they a Yoda clone? What species is Yoda? Those are all still mysteries (ones I’ve tried to unravel). There is one thing we know for sure after watching Episode 2, though: the Force is with this creature.

We get a big display of Baby Yoda’s (which is what I call them since we don’t yet know a name) Force abilities at the end of the episode when Baby Yoda intervenes in the Mandalorian’s battle with a mud-covered beast. Baby Yoda lifts the monster off the ground, pausing it just long enough for Mando to get it together and stab the beast where it hurts. But that’s not the first time we see Baby Yoda trying to use the Force.

Earlier in the episode, when our odd pair are taking a rest at a camp site, we see Baby Yoda crawl out of their pod and reach out towards the Mando. Specifically, it looks like Baby Yoda is trying to touch the Mandalorian’s arm wound, which he suffered during a battle with the Trandoshan bounty hunters. What is Baby Yoda trying to do? It’s possible Baby Yoda is trying to heal the Mandalorian with the Force.

Force healing is an infrequently mentioned Force ability that was more common before Disney reset the canon. It’s popped up in a bunch of video games and old expanded universe novels, and some fan theories claim that Obi-Wan even used it to heal a young Luke Skywalker after he was attacked by Tusken Raiders on Tatooine.

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