Will Certainly Schuester, Glee (Matthew Morrison).

Despite essentially being Glee’s major personality, Will certainly Schuester has the intrigue of an empty chalkboard– as well as the personality of a pair of pleated khakis. It’s not totally Matthew Morrison’s mistake that Will is a needy, whiny, sad sack of a teacher whose body runs on grievances and also Activia. Whenever Will is bumming regarding something or hindering of the youngsters’ enjoyable, things just seem a little much less gleeful.

April, Gilmore Girls (Vanessa Marano).

Just when we assumed that Luke, as well as Lorelai, were going to FINALLY settle and have the stunning connection we always recognized they ‘d have, the authors had to develop this adversary child. Out of no place, Luke discovers he fathered a child years back. All of a sudden, this brainy know-it-all youngster would not leave them alone. It’s not precisely the youngster’s mistake, however, could they contend the very least made her a bit less irritating?

Screech, Conserved by the Bell (Dustin Ruby).

Screech never appeared to be irritating when we watched this program as youngsters. Nonetheless, view it currently and also bloody hell … just how did we manage to get through it at all with this person on display? His name is highly proper. The loudmouthed git was meant to be a geeky hero. If anything, he most likely deserved all the wedgies and also damp willies.

Wesley Crusher, Celebrity Trek: TNG (Wil Wheaton).

Wesley could have been a truly cool character. Rather, he continuously meddled and got in the way. Wesley was constantly praised for his “etiquette” (which irritated everyone). Also, star Wil Wheaton despises him– as he frequently screams, “Stop talking, Wesley!” throughout his Next Generation testimonials.

Oliver Trask, The O.C. (Taylor Handley).

Oliver (Taylor Handley) was around for only 6 episodes. Nonetheless, it felt like much longer. Throughout his time in Newport Beach, the Marissa-obsessed inadequate little abundant young boy fabricated a girlfriend and a self-destruction effort. He after that secured his TV-villain destiny when he held Marissa captive. Just the mention of Oliver’s name still makes us brood, Ryan Atwood style.

Kimmy Gibbler, Capacity (Andrea Barber).

The Tanners’ wacky next-door neighbor and DJ’s best friend was certainly the Urkel of Full House. Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) as well as Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) constantly wanted Kimmy (Andrea Barber) to go house. Her clothing– she enjoyed neon, patterns, and also horizontal stripes– were as loud as her blaring voice. One of her most specifying qualities included her specifically stinky feet. Gibbler, go home!

Dawn Summers, Buffy the Vampire Killer (Michelle Trachtenberg).

Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) had problems, as well as with great factor. The people she enjoyed kept abandoning her. Her sister was an ultra-enviable superhero. At age 14, Dawn after that learned that every little thing she believed she understood was a lie. Still, it was tough to really feel sympathy for Dawn as she sulked, complained, and developed an irritating shoplifting issue. Maybe if the teen had whined less, customers wouldn’t have actually longed to see her obtain consumed by some Hellmouth monster.

Karen Jackson, Shameless (Laura Slade Wiggins)

Where do I also start? She played Lip like he was her favored board game, required Frank to make love with her, and sent out a video clip to her dad … that then committed self-destruction. Karen also told Lip she was expectant– yet failed to remember to discuss it wasn’t his. She then tried making a profit off her child, escaped from the house due to the fact that her mom wished to maintain her baby, and afterward attempted to undermine her mother’s happiness. Yep, Karen is a keeper.

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Dawson Leery, Dawson’s Creek (James Van Der Beek).

Dawson Leery sure makes everybody fatigued. On his sixteenth birthday celebration, Dawson lands face-first right into his birthday cake because of KARMA! This happens after he insists on going to a jazz club to get his drink on. That’s what takes place when you blow off your BFF, Dawson! When he isn’t moping about and also grunting like a little child, Dawson is hectic trying to make it right into the Celebrity Cry-Face Hall of Fame. Congrats, buddy. You did it.

Susan Mayer-Delfino, Desperate Housewives (Teri Hatcher).

To reach the core of why Susan (Teri Hatcher) is a hassle, one requirement looks no more than the powerless shrubbery of Wisteria Lane. Susan located herself there– nude– back in period 1. It was “zany and charming” at the time. Then, while individuals were passing away left and also ideal, Susan continued to discover herself in a similar way crazy approximation of that character-defining stunt for 7 more seasons. It’s not constantly regarding you, sweetie.

Lee, Westworld (Simon Quarterman).

In a program filled with robotics, it’s, in fact, the writer’s personality who finds as the most cartoonish as well as ludicrous of a great deal. We’re uncertain if it’s the personality or the way star Simon Quarterman plays him. Either way, he’s very annoying. He got better in period two, yet the damage was currently done by that point.

Andrea, The Walking Dead (Laurie Holden).

A character with a mute individuality who seemed to change her motivations on a regular basis, Andrea (Laurie Holden) actually started to jump on our nerves in period 3. While the rest of the program rebooted in extra action-heavy instructions, Andrea ended up being the last vestige of Dead’s moralizing-soliloquy dark side. She makes speeches, self-justifies practically every little thing, as well as typically bringing the activity to a halt. It really did not help issues that, in the not-so-grand tradition of Marissa Cooper, she also had a tendency to fall for the way, incorrect individual.

Rachel Berry, Glee (Lea Michele).

I lost matter of the number of times I wish I could creep through the TELEVISION display as well as put her across her face. We get it, you assume you’re the best point because sliced bread. Nevertheless, there’s a reason you had no close friends. Self-indulgent, self-concerned, egotistical, arrogant, loves playing the victim … simply among others of numerous attributes, we couldn’t stand about Lea Michele’s character, Rachel.

Janice, The Sopranos (Aida Turturro).

Janice Treble was among the most bothersome personalities in TELEVISION history. In lots of means, she was a mirror of her brother Tony. However, the fact that she really did not have his power compelled her antics to seem much dirtier outside the mafia construct. She was a phony, a backstabber, a burglar, and also a con. Fundamentally, Janice was just not a good person. She also didn’t have Tony’s likability variable.

Serena van der Woodsen, Gossip Woman (Blake Lively).

The Upper East Side’s crustiest blonde is likewise quite the bore. While Blair Waldorf keeps the program afloat, Serena basically serves as a lovely face whose absence of self-awareness is boundless. Remember when she treats Rufus like dust and also chooses to forgive her dad for being a terrible person?!

Girl, bye.

April Kepner, Grey’s Anatomy (Sarah Drew)

I will admit, April lightened up a little. Nonetheless, a few episodes of thoughtful habits can’t remove the uncomfortable memories of Seattle Grace-Mercy West’s many bothersome physicians. Ending up being a primary resident didn’t make her any kind of less insecure or shrill. Rather, she rose to new heights of boring. Nauseatingly innocent and a sanctimonious killjoy, April appears to have existed exclusively for the function of making everyone else on Grey’s Composition appearance worlds a lot more interesting.

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Eric Forman, That 70’s Show (Topher Poise).

There’s a reason that That ’70s Show had the ability to carry on after Eric left. The fact is that Eric really isn’t that fantastic. At first, he appears like the most regular and also ethically likely member of the team. Nevertheless, Eric is just as narcissistic as the rest of his crazy close friends. Eric enjoys dealing with his wacko mommy, yet not after she starts that whole menopause point. Apparently natural organic changes are so not Eric’s jam. Rather, he nurtures his borderline psychotic love for Donna and also has no worry existing to her after killing her pet cat. What a guy!

Jeremy Jamm, Parks and Recreation (Jon Glaser)

Councilman Jeremy Jamm was the scourge of Leslie Knope’s existence. He constantly attempted to hinder any type of progress Leslie wished to create Pawnee. Jeremy was misogynistic, annoying, as well as condescending. He assumed he was better than every person. Additionally, his “You simply obtained jammed” catchphrase was the outright worst.

Priya, The Big Bang Theory (Aarti Mann)

It’s bad enough when you bring an absolutely wooden and also non-funny personality right into an excessive comedy like Big Bang. It’s even worse when they’re terrible too. Priya showed up in the very early periods, quickly started dating Leonard, as well as normally treated him actually terribly (bossed him around, imply concerning Sheldon, cheated on him). Eventually, she just kinda left without any kind of fanfare. Considering she’s Raj’s sis, it’s odd that she’s never returned (not that we’re complaining).

Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory (Jim Parsons)

For more than one decade, Sheldon has been just one of the most provoking comedy personalities. He’s a great scientist, but he does not understand concepts like sarcasm. He can also be self-seeking and also aloof. But yet, his buddies linger. Because of Sheldon’s high INTELLIGENCE, he has a huge vanity, comes off as egotistic, and belittles individuals he takes into consideration colleagues. Put simply, not every person is a fan.

Kate, Lost (Evangeline Lilly).

We nearly picked Jack for this list, however he a minimum of had a couple of moments of badassery (especially in the finale) that just about conserved him. Kate nevertheless … is one more tale. We liked her “fugitive provided a second possibility” shtick right at the beginning. But as we obtained further as well as additionally right into the show, she was just the worst. Also without the bothersome love triangular, she was associated with, she ALWAYS hindered, as well as made scenarios much trickier by just being there. Most awful of all: She frequently provided the feared Kate stare.

Piper, Orange is the New Black (Taylor Schilling).

It took us a while, however eventually we came to realize that lead character Piper is really the one we care the least around. Annoyingly sufficient, you have to keep her there. Well, perhaps? Could we eliminate her and carry on? It didn’t assist that she is continuously whimpering as well as being typically terrible to every person else. After that, there was that ‘unexpected’ white-power group she started.

Janice Litman, Friends (Maggie Wheeler).

If irritation could be tapped as a fuel resource, our response to Janice’s laugh could power a midsize city. The curly-haired cackler (Maggie Wheeler) spoiled any variety of events in the Friends’ lives. She popped up throughout Chandler’s courtship/marriage to Monica, as well as even crowded right into Rachel’s hospital room when they went into labor at the same time.

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Andy Bernard, The Office (Ed Helms)

Oh boy. The Nard pet. While Andrew Bernard’s fascination with Cornell, harmful insecurity and temper concerns were wonderful fodder for comedy, he overstayed his welcome. By the end of The Office’s nine-period run, Andy had become the most obnoxious as well as a self-indulgent personality on a collection developed around unlikable personalities.

Ned Flanders, The Simpsons (Articulated by Harry Shearer).

Ned Flanders expanded increasingly much more bothersome as The Simpsons took place throughout the years. He started as Homer’s neighbor with an annoyingly hopeful outlook on a lot of points. At some point, his religious sights led him to turn a nose up at others who didn’t line up with his ideas. Given his disposition, it’s not unexpected that Homer wrote a track called “Everybody Hates Ned Flanders”– describing why he disapproval his neighbor. The track also obtained chosen for a Primetime Emmy for impressive songs as well as lyrics.

Ross Geller, Buddies (David Schwimmer).

Ross Geller was a miserable human who believed he was worthy of everything he desired, and would certainly grumble if he didn’t get it. He was conceited, self-indulgent, as well as sexist. Women do not owe men anything, but Ross was the sort of male that thought they did. He expected Rachel to like him. Nevertheless, he was regularly complaining. He acted as the target, and also sabotaged Rachel’s romances with anyone else. Inevitably, he obtained the woman that he didn’t deserve in the end. Ugh.

Jenny Humphrey, Chatter Woman (Taylor Momsen).

Little J’s power as Queen Bee needs to’ve finished faster than it began. She wished to be Blair Waldorf extremely negative. From the popularity, style, pals, as well as allow’s not ignore the boys. Please inform us what were you assuming, Chuck? I never assumed anything can ruin Just how the Grinch Takes Xmas, yet Cindy Lou Who’s association with Taylor Momsen makes me wince.

Serena Pleasure, The Handmaid’s Story (Yvonne Strahovski).

Recent second season episodes of the Hulu drama have tried to make us understand why Serena Pleasure is so evil. Presume what? We uncommitted. There’s no explanation for her role in establishing the overbearing, misogynist federal government of Gilead– neither the cold, savage way she deals with Offred and various other handmaids.

Pete Campbell, Mad Men (Vincent Kartheiser).

Pete Campbell was a smug child who assumed he was entitled to the world. He was birthed entitled, and also continued to believe he was owed points in both his life and also his job. He abused his power as well as was dreadful to females. He talked down to them, cheated on his partner, and raped his neighbor’s au pair. He was an envious male as well as usually behaved like a youngster.

Hannah Horvath, Girls (Lena Dunham).

The young woman who once claimed to be the voice of her generation ends up being a complete loser. Not just is Hannah Horvath shateringly clueless, however, she simply could be one of the most narcissistic imaginary personalities of all-time. For most of the collection, we see her fumbling with life– entirely narcissistic as well as unresponsive to the globe around her. Hannah’s majority of aggravating quality is her inability to see anything outside of herself. Even by the end of Girls, we see little to no growth. Yet, the collection firmly insists that she has experienced some hard-earned, stylish ending.