Do you have what it requires to stick to a goal and transform your life around? Lexi, as well as Danny Reed, did. All of it started when Lexi decided it was time to make an adjustment in her life as well as 18 months later on, something remarkable has actually taken place. They’ve changed into role models for people worldwide that intend to make significant adjustments in their lives. The couple has plenty of wonderful guidance on how to start on the course to making dreams happen. What did they do precisely to make such an extreme modification? Get ready to obtain influenced by Lexi and also Danny’s incredible journey.

1. Early Issues

Lexi Reed always had concerns with her weight, since childhood years. She was a pleased and also outward bound person as well as didn’t allow her weight to reach her. Even though she tried several times to reduce weight via various programs, it constantly returned.

By the young age of 25, Lexi weighed in at 392 pounds as well as the extra weight was impacting her quality of life. She tried her finest to lives the most effective life feasible, among pleasure and also joy, however, it was definitely hindering accomplishing her desires.

2. The Love of Lexi’s Life

Lexi continued her life’s journey as well as at some point fulfilled the love of her life, Danny Reed. Lexi would certainly explain to him as her best friend of ten years. Danny enjoyed Lexi for the person she was, regardless of what dimension or shape.

While Danny loved and also supported Lexi at every turn, there was one problem: he additionally had harmful eating routines as well as lived an undesirable, sedentary way of living. It turns out he was a little bit as well as encouraging in those ways.

3. Unhealthy Habits

Both Danny, as well as Lexi, were overweight. Danny, who was simply a couple of years older than Lexi, weighed in at around 280 pounds. Together, the couple spiraled into an even more sedentary lifestyle and consumed unhealthy food to their heart’s web content.

Their self-indulgence was shared. Together, they dined in a restaurant at dining establishments for every one of their meals, also investing hours at all-you-can-eat buffets. At the time when they ate at the house, they bought food. In the meantime, all the additional pounds were starting to take a toll on their health and wellness.

4. A Dangerous Cycle

Lexi admitted that the cycle of harmful behaviors started in her childhood. “Growing up, we never ever had a great deal of cash and my parents never cooked. Refined foods were always simpler to buy than healthy foods …” Lexi told PopSugar.

That pattern continued also when she began dating Danny. Lexi confessed that the two would often binge-watch TELEVISION while eating. “I was constantly a psychological eater, likewise, and whatever the mood, food was always there for me,” Lexi added.

5. Unhealthy Limitations

Being overweight, Lexi and also Danny could not do things other individuals can do. Despite being in a happy partnership, both weren’t able to take place enchanting walks, go cycling, or go hiking. So they were left with remaining at the house, watching TV.

Lexi knew that her weight problem was limiting her life. And while she was a satisfied individual as well as positive about life, she knew that she needed to transform her life around. Yet she simply didn’t recognize just how, nor have the correct inspiration to do so. Till something changed every little thing.

6. The Engagement

Danny ultimately asked Lexi for her hand in marriage, and she approved. “He never saw me as my dimension, asked me to alter, or made me really feel as anything apart from beautiful,” Lexi created on Instagram. But discovering a wedding dress in her size would certainly show to be difficult since, by this point, she considered 485 pounds.

Lexi published on Instagram that there was absolutely nothing attractive concerning looking for a wedding dress at 485 extra pounds. “No one knew exactly how to make me seem like a bride and not my dimension. Thank god I was solid sufficient to understand my worth, and also maintained looking for my 34W dress despite the fact that I examined if I would ever before discover one,” she included.

7. The Wedding

Lexi ultimately found the right dress for her gorgeous wedding. She as well as Danny wed, yet their troubles were just starting. They had a long journey ahead of themselves if they were to live healthy and happy lives together.

The marriage started bringing up inquiries of ultimately having kids, something that would certainly be both hazardous to Lexi as well as the baby must she obtain expectantly. Yet that wasn’t the only desire that looked like an unfeasibility for the couples.

8. Even The Small Dreams

While the opportunity that Lexi may not have the ability to have youngsters was probably the greatest thing that worried the couple, even accomplishing smaller sized goals in life appeared out of reach. Several of them are points that people take for approval, such as taking a trip.

Lexi had a dream that day she would be able to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios amusement park in Orlando. However, not only was she also large to take place the flights there, she was likewise as well huge to suit a plane seat. Florida is a long way from her home state of Indiana, as well as she had to get there somehow.

9. Married Life

Quickly, a year of the marital relationship had gone by and nothing had altered. Still, the couple invested their spare time in front of the TELEVISION while consuming food that was normally undesirable and greatly refined. After that, something started to transform.

It felt like points were spiraling uncontrollable for her. Lexi understood in her intestine that something needed to alter but she didn’t understand where to start. Whatever, she didn’t give up hope. Ever. She was strong. And little did she recognize that the calling for change would come rather casually and end up changing her life permanently.

10. A New Year’s Resolution

The concept that they required to start living a better way of life, for their own purpose, became ever existing in Lexi’s mind. That’s why on New Years Day in 2016, Lexi fixed to begin making some modifications in her life, adjustments that would certainly benefit her health also.

As in any marriage, Lexi had not been in it alone. Thankfully, she had her husband at her side to support her. But initially, he had not been into the idea in any way. It would certainly take some convincing to get him to join his other half’s healthy New Year’s resolution.

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11. A Change of Heart

“At first the concept really did not seem excellent due to the fact that it was constantly excellent going home, sitting down, eating and not needing to stress over anything,” Danny claimed. But being the caring hubby he was, he wouldn’t let Lexi tackle the resolution alone.

“It’s a new year as well as something to work toward while aiding Lexi out as well,” Danny exclaimed after having a slight change of mind. He recognized deep down that, health-wise, it was best for both of them, Lexi as well as himself.

12. A Bet Among Friends

Upon hearing of the couple’s New Year’s resolution, several of Lexi and Danny’s good friends wanted to make a bet with them. The couple made a deal that they would certainly go a month following a few rules: “no dining in restaurants, no soft drink, no alcohol, no rip off meals, and exercising for 30 minutes five times a week.”

Lexi and Danny were up for the obstacle and determined to verify to themselves that they can do it– that they had actually the self-control required to transform their routines. This was simply the start of their long trip to a happy, healthy life.

13. Enough is Enough

“We were fed up with the life that we were living and all the important things that we weren’t able to do together as a couple,” Lexi stated, resolving herself to see to it that points altered. She was tired of not being able to fly on an airplane or go on basic romantic strolls with her partner.

“We also feared if we really did not get our health and wellness controlled, we would certainly never be able to start a family,” Lexi added. Fed up with the lifestyle that they had actually both gotten so utilized to, she chose to make a major choice in her life.

14. The Gym

Lexi and Danny joined a regional health club in their residence city of Terre Haute, Indiana. As promised, Lexi went to the gym for 30 minutes a day, on a daily basis. Yet it was far from easy for a variety of factors.

Neither of the couples had an individual trainer, however, they were both stubborn people who wanted to meet their assurance to their friends. Lexi, nevertheless, had problems, in the beginning, discovering the right training regimen as she suffered from serious joint pain due to her weight.

15. The Right Place and Equipment

Discovering the right health club was not as very easy as it seemed. Lexi was self-conscious about what other people would think when they saw her in the gym. The couple ultimately found the best gym for them that wasn’t too jampacked and also Lexi also located the best exercise maker.

” I began going there when I obtained a complimentary test as well as– considering that it was never ever truly crowded, my equipment encountered the wall (so I really did not seem like every person was seeing me), and I found an equipment called the CrossRamp that didn’t injure my joints at 485 pounds– I loved it.”

16. New Eating Habits

Most likely to the fitness center daily was just the first part of Lexi and also Danny’s battle towards a healthy and balanced way of living. They likewise needed to stop going out to eat at dining establishments, which indicated that they would need to prepare dishes themselves. They uncovered the best means to prepare: together.

With the assistance of each other, Lexi and also Danny began to cook their very own food in the house. However this moment, as opposed to icy pizzas, they selected healthier foods that would help them in their weight-loss objectives. However as most of us recognize, dieting isn’t very easy.

17. Not A Diet

To Lexi and also Danny, their new healthy consuming practices weren’t just a diet; they were selections in a new way of life. To Lexi, weight loss is something short-term, as well as she needed something long-term, something she might adhere to.

Lexi stopped considering eating healthier as a diet plan and also located her own way to make the transition much easier for both of them. “I began taking the foods I enjoyed as well as making healthier variations so I no longer felt like I had to quit something or rob [myself],” Lexi mentioned.

18. A Strong Support System

Most likely to the fitness center and also consuming healthy and balanced aren’t very easy, especially if you’re going at it alone. However, Lexi had the support of her caring hubby, Danny as well as the other way around. Together the couple was strong as well as remained to maintain their assurance.

The very best method to maintain most likely to the gym and also eating healthy and balanced is to have someone there to support you on your trip. Danny and also Lexi used each other as a support system. With each other, they remained motivated as well as rather quickly a month had actually passed. But what happened following was impressive.

19. Time Goes On

As time went on, Lexi and also Danny proceeded most likely to the gym as well as consuming right. Quickly the outcomes started to reveal! Lexi even began taking courses at the fitness center and also satisfying brand-new individuals. These new friends would certainly likewise turn into her support system as well as hold her accountable.

“I enjoy my Pulse class. I enjoy dancing to my favorite songs as well as not feeling like it’s a workout. We can do a song packed with squats and although my legs are burning, it’s a lot enjoyable that I don’t even notice,” Lexi stated.

20. The Work Starts Paying Off

Gradually, Lexi’s hard work began repaying. She promptly overcame her worries of most likely to the fitness center, stating that “if individuals were most likely to stare at me due to my weight, I was most likely to give them a factor to gaze by being the hardest worker in the area”

Initially, Lexi was losing around 20 extra pounds a month. Then the weight management got harder. She maintained most likely to the health club as well as consuming healthy, counting her day-to-day calorie intake. Pretty soon, her new behaviors became a lifestyle.

21. Danny’s Weight Loss

Lexi wasn’t the just one making considerable progress in the trip in the direction of being healthy and balanced. So it was Danny. He was beside Lexi every action of the way as well as pretty soon he was able to see a difference in his health too.

The couple kept up their healthy and balanced lifestyle and also within just 24 months, Danny had lost almost 100 pounds. When he started his journey, he weighed in at 280 extra pounds, yet managed to get to a simple 190 pounds by the end of year one.

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22. Lexi’s Amazing Transformation

After 18 months had actually gone by, Lexi’s whole life looked entirely various. The distinction was remarkable and also she was so proud of her newly found way of life and decision, which she did naturally by most likely to the fitness center regularly as well as consuming much healthier. By May 2018, she was down an unbelievable 312 pounds.

Lexi states that the first big distinction she observed in her dimension happened when she returned to a dining establishment that the couple frequented prior to they started their trip. Her belly utilized to hinge on the table and also now she had great deals of wiggle room. She claims that was a true moment of satisfaction.

23. Instagram Success

Trying to find even more assistance as well as wish to share her journey, Lexi created an Instagram account in the autumn of 2016 to log her unbelievable trip. She called the account “Fat Woman Fed Up” and also began uploading everyday photos of herself going to the fitness center, along with motivational quotes. Pretty soon she had a huge following!

Today, Lexi’s Instagram account has over 750,000 fans. She also messages before as well as after pictures that are absolutely spectacular. In just 2 brief years she changed herself, through effort and resolution, into an entirely different, healthy individual.

24. Stardom

Lexi as well as Danny’s tale spread throughout the internet like wildfire and also began being gotten by news and TELEVISION terminals nationwide. Lexi and Danny also appeared on TELEVISION programs to be spoken with about their impressive trip and were featured on an episode of Rachael Ray concerning healthy cooking as well as consuming!

The couple does not let their newfound fame get to their heads, however. The opposite, in fact. They are a lot more simple currently than ever before and also say thanks to the media attention for aiding motivate them additionally on their trip to living much healthier.

25. A New Lease on Life

Lexi and Danny incorporated have actually shed over 400 extra pounds and also both have a brand-new lease on life. The couple went back to the beach where Danny suggested years back and also had a left the waterside to commemorate their newly found lives.

All those years ago, when Danny proposed, Lexi was practically 500 extra pounds as well as even a brief stroll along the coastline would suffice to tire her out and also leave her out of breath. But not any longer! “We returned to that coastline as well as diminished that coastline!” Lexi stated.

26. You’re A Wizard

Now that Lexi can fit greater than easily on an aircraft, the couple ultimately traveled. They took a trip to someplace that Lexi had actually always desired for going: Harry Potter Globe at Universal Studios amusement park. Now, both Danny and also Lexi can fit on the rides, with room to save.

The already-happy couple is now happier. Having undergone their fat burning journey with each other, Lexi states that she and also her other half have actually never felt closer which their relationship has actually never been stronger. Ends up, the pal system truly does function!

27. No Longer a Prisoner

Now that she’s to a healthy and balanced weight, Lexi says that she no more feels like a detainee in her own body. “I am grateful for every single day as well as I am delighting in the trip,” Lexi claimed, eagerly anticipating the days and years to come.

” Every day is a non-scale success as well as a reminder of how much I have actually come. Like, I enjoyed myself also at 485 extra pounds, but simply to be able to wake up and also do whatever I want to do as well as go wherever I wish to go … I don’t seem like I’m a detainee in my very own body anymore.”

28. Advice from Lexi

Now that Lexi has actually undertaken such a dramatic and also impressive weight reduction trip (not that it mores than!) she is giving others recommendations and motivation. On her Instagram, she likewise publishes pictures of other individuals’ trips to influence others.

Lexi’s suggestions are to “Begin tiny– small changes add up to huge outcomes– and also concentrate on every day, not exactly how far you have to go.” She also advises against believing in any kind of magic tablet or surgical treatment to obtain healthy and balanced, advising that it’s much better to do it normally.

29. Helping Others

Since Lexi and also Danny are happy as well as healthy, they have actually started their really own YouTube channel to assist and give guidance to others that are embarking on their very own weight reduction journeys. On their network, they give advice regarding consuming right and exercising.

Lexi’s tale is so inspiring that she was invited to the 2018 Display Actors Guild Awards. “I learned just how solid and qualified I am as a person. I assumed it would take me over three years to shed 300-plus extra pounds, however, I was so determined and hardworking that I did it in 2,” she claimed.

30. Loving Life

“There are no words to clarify the sensation of conserving your own life,” claimed Lexi. “Entering into 2018 I have only a newly found joy for this life I am living. I no more am a detainee in my very own body and also as opposed to just existing in my very own life, I’m lastly to life.”

“Daily I awaken is a blessing. I’m so proud of just how far I have actually come and this new life that I’m living in. I conserved my very own life, as well as for that there are no words– only thankfulness,” Lexi clarified. The couple has had some amazing things occur to them lately.

31. Hollywood Calling

As a result of Lexi Reed’s big progression in transforming her life, she was given a really special honor. She was picked by Loreal Paris and TNT Dramatization as one of their motivating solid ladies and was picked to go to the 2018 Display Casts Guild Honors.

The journey was a dream come to life, particularly thinking about that she made use of to not also be able to fit into an airplane seat! To reach the star-studded program, she as well as Danny were flown to Hollywood and also offered to remain at a gorgeous hotel too. During this getaway, they likewise preserved their fitness regularly!

32. Meal Tips

Among Lexi’s pointers for dropping weight is prepping the ingredients for well-balanced meals at the beginning of the week and searching for delicious and also healthy meals. She typically shares her dish ideas social networks pages under the name Fat Girl Fed Up.

On Memorial Day 2018, she created provided some motivating guidance. “I understand Vacations are tough individuals however technique section control, much healthier swaps, balance, planning,” she created. Anybody who surfs the dishes she blog posts will certainly discover that her meals teem with straightforward but scrumptious components. Everything is homemade and made with entire foods, not processed or packaged foods.

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33. Maintaining the New Lifestyle

One of Lexi’s and Danny’s secrets to maintaining their newfound way of life is by including it into all the brand-new, fun activities they do. One example was when they went camping lately. For some, hot dogs and hamburgers may be the perfect cookout food, however not for them.

Rather, the couple prepared a delightful high-protein meal before they headed off on a walking. The meal consisted of poultry, steak and also mashed avocado. In the article, she created that “Holidays, weekend breaks, and even being out of your regimen doesn’t indicate we angle still reach our goals and also consume scrumptious food!”

34. Exercise Tips

Lexi as well as Danny Reed’s life transformation has been caused due to the fact that they always find time to head to the health club and work it right into social tasks. Just recently, she shared a photo of what they did prior to their newest Friday day night.

” Making the moment before date night to work with our goals!” she wrote in a blog post on May 19. “Somedays we do not understand how we’re gonna do it, yet every day we get it done!” Lexi noted that prior to they embarked on their day evening fun, they first struck the health club for “30 minutes of lighter cardio.”

35. Community Support

Among the means Lexi has ensured to maintain her brand-new healthy and balanced way of life has been by having a strong community of support, both online and offline. On her Facebook web page, she commonly holds motivational health and fitness competitions by means of, along with her typical motivational articles.

Together, the area inspires one another to obtain relocating, eat much healthier, and maintain each other responsibly. An eye the comments on Fatgirlfedup social media pages reveals stories of the fans that have actually made significant adjustments thanks to all this!

36. Friends In Fitness

Another huge variable that assisted Lexi Reed to make her impressive transformation was finding good friends that additionally lived a healthy way of living. It’s incredibly vital to surround oneself with good friends who have great practices and also Lexi is living evidence of this with her buddy as well as health club friend.

” When I began my trip I normally was even more of a loner and shed people I was close to due to my new way of life as well as leisure activities,” she wrote in a Facebook article. “However with time I found others along the way who helped make me that I am today and aided to make my trip extra pleasurable.”

37. A Day Of Rest

Life can not be only invested at the gym and also Danny, as well as Lexi Reed, identify this. They see to it to take rest days as well as have lots of fun, as this picture shows. Right here, the Reeds are with their 2 attractive gold retrievers, Oliver and Olivia.

This demonstrates how a day of rest can still be active in one of the most fun methods possible. In this post, Lexi created that she “Can not wait for even more walks with them this summertime as well as we’re sure they are happy mom/dad obtained healthy also!”

38. Dirt Bike Life

“From 765lbs to riding motorcycle,” Lexi Reed wrote in a gorgeous post on April 19. “Life with you is a journey & I’m enjoying the ride.” We ‘d most definitely need to concur and have observed a striking pattern.

One of Lexi and Danny’s pointers for staying in excellent shape is making sure to discover enjoyable, energetic activities and seeking new challenges all the time. Means to go! One can just think of how good life should feel for them.

39. Inspiring Men

Lexi Reed is not the just one that inspires others with useful tips for making a way of living adjustment. Her other half Danny is also in the video game as well as has been inspiring many individuals ever since he opened his own Instagram account called Uncovering Danny.

There, he likewise documents his weight management journey in addition to the journeys that he and Lexi reach go on now that they have the energy to do them. He additionally shares his own individual landmarks, such as when he lately obtained a brand-new tattoo.

40. YouTube Stars

Danny and Lexi Reed do not just post pictures yet they have a series of video clips on YouTube as well. In one video clip, they recorded their impressive experience when Lexi was recognized by L’oreal Paris and TNT Dramatization at the SAG Awards.

The video of what they did while they remained in Hollywood is incredible and also provides a glimpse right into their way of life. It demonstrated how ecstatic Lexi was to be able to satisfy lots of stars, experience a deluxe hotel, and also most importantly, still maintain their healthy and balanced lifestyle even while vacationing.

41. Live On TV

After acquiring a significant complying with online, it was only an issue of time till they began obtaining attention by TV information terminals also. In January, Lexi and also Danny were invited to talk on The Today Show to share their tale.

The pair flew to New York City and also were spoken with by Megyn Kelly about how they took care of to shed 400 extra pounds with each other and the modifications they have made in their life to do it all without the assistance of gastric coronary bypass. Their incredible message was absolutely obtaining listened to!

42. Children

The idea of needing to begin a family member as well as having youngsters was one of the big elements that urged Lexi Reed to begin getting in shape. At the weight she was when she and Danny wed each other, Lexi was alerted that it could be hazardous to get pregnant, both for herself and the child.

Since Lexi and Danny remain in far better form, Lexi is ultimately able to think about the future in much more concrete terms. In an interview with Life & Design publication in May, she claimed that “In 5 years, I see us beginning a household along with discovering ways to assist more individuals to change their life the same way that we have with diet regimen and workout.”