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The 50 Wealthiest Countries Worldwide

The 50 Wealthiest Countries Worldwide

Wealth is gauged in several methods. Some see it totally as the cash you have, while others may check out total assets or your overall lifestyle. The very same goes when determining a wide range of nations. Some countries, like Indonesia or China, may control the world in GDP yet have uninhabitable incomes as well as poor living conditions for a lot of.

To help wade through all the numbers as well as discover the 50 richest countries worldwide, we integrated 3 metrics of riches to see what countries supply the best general equilibrium of gross domestic product (GDP), ordinary income and also Social Development Index (SPI). Right here’s our methodology.

Keep reviewing to see what countries came down on our 50 richest countries checklist.


GDP Rank: 79

Average Income Rank: 98

Social Progress Index Rank: 33

Average Rank: 70

Beginning our list of the 50 most affluent nations is the small Main American country of Costa Rica. Certain, its $60.1 billion GDP rates simply No. 79 and its $9,645 typical revenue is No. 98, however it squeezes its method onto the bottom of our top-50 list with the help of a No. 33 positions in SPI.

Costa Rica’s SPI obtains boosts from high rankings in water and sanitation, access to nutrition as well as fundamental medical care and personal rights. There are a couple of imperfections in its SPI that draw it to No. 33, as well as those that include a 36.36 rating in access to advanced education, 65.66 scores in individual safety and a 65.89 rating in inclusiveness.


GDP Rank: 78

Average Income Rank: 94

Social Progress Index Rank: 37 

Average Rank: 69.3

Croatia is not a country many will certainly check out when thinking about wealth, and also we can not fault them with its $60.8 billion GDP ranking No. 78 worldwide as well as its $10,314 typical income ranking No. 94. Where Croatia makes up ground is its No. 37 SPI ranking, which helps it land at No. 49 on our list of wealthiest nations.

This SPI position obtains increases from high scores in tidy water as well as sanitation, accessibility to fundamental treatment and also access to basic expertise. Like other European countries, Croatia battles in inclusiveness (47.84 points) as well as accessibility to sophisticated education (49.31 ), which draws its overall rating down a reasonable quantity.


GDP Rank: 102

Average Income Rank: 51

Social Progress Index Rank: 39

Average Rank: 63.7

This European country’s $34.8 billion GDP in unimpressive, yet its No. 39 position in SPI draws it back into the fold. High scores inaccessibility to nourishment and basic healthcare, clean water, and sanitation, and personal civil liberties boost its SPI ratings, however a 44.34 rating inaccessibility to sophisticated education as well as 51.14 scores in inclusiveness drag it down.


GDP Rank: 56

Average Income Rank: 58

Social Progress Index Rank: 75

Average Rank: 62.7

The only African nation on our list is No. 47 placed Algeria. Algeria has no standout numbers, but its No. 56 ranked 180.7 billion GDP and also No. 58 ranked $22,064 ordinary revenue strike a balance that put it in the lower part of our top 50 most affluent nations listing.

Algeria has a hard time a bit in SPI at No. 75. While it gets OKAY ratings in access to nutrition as well as fundamental healthcare and also access to basic understanding, its 20.24 score in access to advanced education as well as 42.58 ratings in inclusiveness drags its way down.


GDP Rank: 19

Average Income Rank: 93

Social Progress Index Rank: 76

Average Rank: 62.7

Turkey boasts a big GDP of $766.5 billion that places it No. 19 in the world. This type of manufacturing should make it far higher in terms of wide range, however, it has extreme shortcomings in typical income and SPI ranking. With the ordinary Turkish employee, drawing is simply $10,380, Turkey ranks No. 93 in ordinary earnings.

Turkey’s SPI does not do it any preferred at No. 76. While Turkey gets high marks in access to tidy water as well as hygiene, and accessibility to nutrition as well as basic healthcare, it has significant issues in inclusiveness (24.33 points), accessibility to innovative education (42.28 factors), personal legal rights (43.07 points), personal safety (54.93 factors), as well as personal flexibility as well as option (63.03 factors).


GDP Rank: 63

Average Income Rank: 90

Social Progress Index Rank: 35

Average Rank: 62.3

Landlocked Central Europe nation Slovakia sign in at No. 45 on our checklist, regardless of a reduced GDP and also average income. Pulling Slovakia up our listing is its No. 35 ranking in SPI, which it owes to its large access to tidy water and sanitation, accessibility to nutrition and also fundamental healthcare, and accessibility to the sanctuary. SPI takes hit inaccessibility to innovative education at 39.97 points, yet that is the standard in Europe.

Where Slovakia slides are its No. 63 ranked $106.5 billion GDP and also No. 90 rank ordinary revenue of just $10,653.


GDP Rank: 49

Average Income Rank: 89

Social Progress Index Rank: 44

Average Rank: 60.3

Romania might not be top of mind when thinking about the most affluent countries in the world, yet it checks in at No. 44 on our list thanks to its No. 49 placed $239.6 billion GDP and also No. 44 rated SPI. The last score is mostly because of the area’s remarkable access to nourishment and fundamental medical care. Romania’s SPI experiences a 38.75 score in access to advanced education as well as 45.31 ratings in inclusiveness.

What pulls Romania deep down the list of the wealthiest countries is its No. 89 rated ordinary revenue of $11,290.


GDP Rank: 38

Average Income Rank: 92

Social Progress Index Rank: 50 

Average Rank: 59.7

Southeast Asia is underrepresented on this checklist, but Malaysia makes it simply under the cut at No. 43 with a relatively high $354.3 billion GDP that positions it No. 38 on the planet. Dragging it down the list is what problems much of this region, ordinary revenue. Typically, employees earn just $10,460 annually, putting Malaysia No. 92 on the planet. Malaysia likewise fails a little bit in the SPI at No. 50.

Increasing Malaysia’s SPI rating is high scores inaccessibility to water and hygiene, shelter, as well as nutrition and fundamental treatment. Malaysia has a hard time inclusiveness, accessibility to innovative education and learning as well as personal rights with ratings of 40.98, 45.4 as well as 58.9, specifically.


GDP Rank: 104

Average Income Rank: 47

Social Progress Index Rank: 27

Average Rank: 59

With a $30.2 billion GDP that places simply No. 104 on the planet, Estonia is far from what lots of might consider among the wealthiest countries. Its No. 47 rated $26,898 ordinary income doesn’t add a lot either. What aids place this European nation at No. 42 on our checklist is its No. 27 position in SPI.

Estonia squashes the SPI with high rating inaccessibility to clean water and also sanitation, access to nutrition and also fundamental healthcare, and individual civil liberties. Like other European countries, its 52.81 factors in access to sophisticated education and learning can use a renovation, as can its 55.07 points in inclusiveness.


GDP Rank: 2

Average Income Rank: 102

Social Progress Index Rank: 66

Average Rank: 56.7

China is yet an additional one-hit-wonder on our checklist, as it squashes everybody however the UNITED STATE with its No. 2 placed 13.6 trillion GDP, however, it drops sharply in income as well as SPI. The latter rings in at No. 66 on our list, and also with all the press China gets, it is simple to presume where it fails: a 27.04 score in personal legal rights, a 31.02 rating in inclusiveness and also 39.45 scores in access to innovative education. China does get high marks inaccessibility to fundamental medical care.

China’s most significant flaw is in its typical earnings, which rates 102nd on the planet at simply $9,470 annually.


GDP Rank: 11

Average Income Rank: 95

Social Progress Index Rank: 66

Average Rank: 55.7

Russia has a hefty $1.7 trillion GDP that puts it No. 11 in the world, yet it drops greatly to No. 40 on our list with its No. 95 placed $10,230 average revenue. SPI does not do it any kind of prefers either at No. 66. Healthy and balanced scores inaccessibility to fundamental treatment, access to standard understanding, and clean water and also hygiene boost Russia’s SPI numbers, however pulling the opposite direction are scores of 33.69, 45.74 and 52.87 in inclusiveness, personal safety as well as personal rights, specifically.


GDP Rank: 86

Average Income Rank: 50

Social Progress Index Rank: 31

Average Rank: 55.3

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This European nation’s $53.3 billion GDP places just No. 86 worldwide, and its $26,429 average earnings are reduced at No. 50 on the planet, however, it is No. 31 ranking in SPI offers it an increase. In the SPI, Lithuania obtains high marks inaccessibility to fundamental medical care, accessibility to water and also sanitation and personal legal rights. Like lots of European nations, it places reduced access to innovative education and learning at 49.79 points, but it additionally falls in health and wellness and wellness and inclusiveness at 67.84 as well as 63.54 points, specifically.


GDP Rank: 18

Average Income Rank: 61

Social Progress Index Rank: 86

Average Rank: 55

As the globe’s biggest producer of oil, no most affluent countries list would certainly be total without Saudi Arabia. According to OPEC, half of Saudi Arabia’s No. 18 placed $782.4 billion GDP originates from petroleum. Keeping that high of a GDP position, Saudi Arabia ought to be greater than No. 38, yet its No. 61 placed $21,540 typical earnings and also No. 86 SPI ranking virtually pulls it off the listing altogether.

Saudi Arabia’s SPI obtains boosts from easy access to water as well as hygiene as well as standard healthcare, yet it takes enormous hits with 3 really reduced ratings: 13.87 points in inclusiveness, 17.26 points in personal civil liberties and 36.82 points in access to advanced education.


GDP Rank: 9

Average Income Rank: 103

Social Progress Index Rank: 49

Average Rank: 39.3

Brazil demonstrates how a nation can get rid of one enormous shortcoming with a huge rating in an additional category, as its $9,140 ordinary income rankings No. 103 on the planet, however, its No. 9 rated 1.9 trillion GDP draws it back onto our checklist. Stabilizing every little thing out is its No. 49 position in the SPI. This ranking in SPI owes a lot to the nation’s OK marks inaccessibility to fundamental treatment as well as clean water as well as cleanliness, yet it takes success inaccessibility to sophisticated education and learning and also personal safety, which got scores of 36.80 and 47.26, specifically.


GDP Rank: 112

Average Income Rank: 20

Social Progress Index Rank: 28

Average Rank: 51.3

Cyprus, an island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, checks in at No. 36 on our listing, however, it is certainly no thanks to its $24.5 billion GDP that ranks No. 112 worldwide. Where Cyprus excels is its $45,705 typical earnings that rates No. 20 and its No. 28 ranking in the SPI. The latter is due to the country’s access to clean water and also sanitation (though it has actually dealt with water lacks in the past), accessibility to standard treatment as well as personal civil liberties. This score would certainly be far better had it not been for its 53.27 points inaccessibility to sophisticated education.


GDP Rank: 43

Average Income Rank: 78

Social Progress Index Rank: 34 

Average Rank: 41.3

At No. 35 in our list of richest nations is one more South American country, Chile. Recognized for its huge coast but not a lot its ordinary revenue, which sign in at No. 78 at $14,670. Its $298.2 billion GDP is additionally reasonably reduced at No 43, but its No. 34 position in SPI provides it the shot it needs to make its method right into the bottom fifty percent of our listing. Chile’s SPI obtains large boosts from near-perfect ranking inaccessibility to water and cleanliness, standard healthcare as well as personal legal rights, but its 43.69 factors in access to innovative education and learning pull it down.


GDP Rank: 24

Average Income Rank: 84

Social Progress Index Rank: 42

Average Rank: 50

No. 34 on our most affluent nations listing is the huge South American nation of Argentina. It stops working to excite with its $12,370 ordinary revenue ringing in at No. 84 in the world, however its $518.5 billion GDP rates No. 24 and offers it an increase. Leveling whatever out is its No. 42 ranking in the SPI. Argentina’s accessibility to water and also cleanliness, and great basic medical care, offer its SPI score an increase, but its 40.82 points in access to innovative education as well as 58.37 factors in individual safety drag its overall rating method down.


GDP Rank: 55

Average Income Rank: 36

Social Progress Index Rank: 58

Average Rank: 49.3

Like the UAE, Qatar is an oil-rich nation that needs to have among the highest possible typical earnings on the planet. Sadly, its earnings difference goes beyond that of UAE with the highest possible income earners making 13 times the poorest, according to The Economic expert, This drags its average revenue to $36,958, which places No 36.

Dragging Qatar to No. 33 on our most affluent countries listing are its GDP as well as SPI ratings. With a GDP of simply $192 billion and SPI experiencing serious struggles with inclusiveness, personal rights as well as access to innovative education, these vital categories rate No. 55 and also No. 58, specifically.


GDP Rank: 15

Average Income Rank: 73

Social Progress Index Rank: 59

Average Rank: 49

Mexico has a large GDP of $1.2 billion, putting it No. 15 worldwide. In spite of this considerable number, it comes in at simply No. 32 on our listing of wealthiest countries. Mexico’s most considerable fall from grace comes from its No. 73 rated ordinary income of only $16,298, yet its No. 59 rated SPI rating does it no favors too.

The SPI rating shows OK ratings in water as well as hygiene and also standard healthcare, however, it falls short in key locations with a 45.80 inaccessibility to advanced education and learning, 48.27 in personal safety, and also 62.06 in individual liberty and also a choice.


GDP Rank: 58

Average Income Rank: 53

Social Progress Index Rank: 36

Average Rank: 48.7

The No. 31 richest nation on our list is Hungary, which flaunts a No. 36 placed SPI thanks to high scores in water and also cleanliness, basic healthcare and also accessibility to basic knowledge. The SPI numbers weren’t all excellent, though, as it fights with a 50.29 score inaccessibility to innovative education and 58.56 ratings in inclusiveness.

Where Hungary loses factors is its No. 58 placed $155.7 billion GDP and No. 53 ranked ordinary revenue of simply $24,455.


GDP Rank: 85

Average Income Rank: 35

Social Progress Index Rank: 22 

Average Rank: 47

Slovenia is No. 30 on our checklist, but its No. 85 placed $54.2 billion GDP may lead lots of to leave it off any wealthiest nation checklist. Aiding pull it back right into the battle royal is its No. 35 rated ordinary income of $37,322 as well as No. 22 position on the SPI. The last score is thanks to its access to tidy water, accessibility to fundamental knowledge as well as personal rights. It rings in reduced with a 52.58 in access to sophisticated education, but this resembles its European next-door neighbors.


GDP Rank: 53

Average Income Rank: 48

Social Progress Index Rank: 29

Average Rank: 43

Like Portugal, our No. 29 richest country, Greece, will not blow anyone away with its $218 billion GDP or $26,671 typical revenue, which rate No. 53 and also No. 48, specifically. Greece returns with its No. 29 rated SPI that it owes to accessibility to tidy water, standard medical care and also basic understanding. Like various other European countries, Greece battles with a 55.79 score in access to innovative education, which drags its general ranking down a little bit.


GDP Rank: 50

Average Income Rank: 52

Social Progress Index Rank: 24

Average Rank: 41.7

Portugal’s No. 50 placed $238 billion GDP as well as No. 52 placed $25,487 ordinary earnings will not win it any type of awards, yet integrated with its No. 24 position in SPI, it suffices to place it No. 28 total. This high ranking is thanks to its tidy water and sanitation, accessibility to basic medical care as well as personal rights. Portugal loses with a 46.78 rating inaccessibility to sophisticated education and learning, however, all various other ratings are 72.89 or higher.


GDP Rank: 110

Average Income Rank: 6

Social Progress Index Rank: 2

Average Rank: 39

Iceland is No. 27 on our checklist of wealthiest countries, but its 110th placed $25.9 billion GDP is not an excellent indicator of its wide range. Where Iceland excels is its No. 2 rated SPI thanks to near-perfect positions in the water and also hygiene as well as standard healthcare. It also is a globe leader in accessibility to fundamental expertise as well as individual rights, however, it comes up short with a 61.91 rating in access to innovative education.

Iceland is additionally a leader in average salary with its $66,504 yearly wage ranking No. 6 on the planet. This, integrated with the high SPI ranking, is enough to overcome its absence of GDP and gain an area at the table of richest countries.

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GDP Rank: 48

Average Income Rank: 34

Social Progress Index Rank: 26

Average Rank: 35.7

The Czech Republic is known for cranking out hockey players yet not a lot in finished products, bring about its No. 48 placed $244.1 billion GDP. It doesn’t do far better with its No. 34 ranked $26,962 average wage.

Despite its reduced GDP and ordinary earnings, the Czech Republic still places No. 26 on our listing thanks to its No. 26 rated SPI. The Czech Republic’s SPI obtains a boost thanks to high scores in water as well as hygiene, standard treatment and also individual rights. Like a lot of various other European countries, the Czech Republic deals with just 56.14 of 100 factors in access to sophisticated education.


GDP Rank: 30

Average Income Rank: 26

Social Progress Index Rank: 45

Average Rank: 33.7

The UAE sign in at No. 25 on our checklist with the No. 30 placed GDP at $414.2 billion and also No. 26 placed typical revenue of $41,010. That income might appear rather low for such an oil-rich nation, yet a 19.5 percent poverty price as well as among the most awful wide range spaces worldwide produce this reduced standard, according to the Borgen Record.

UAE’s restrictive legislations bring about a 54.72 score in personal civil liberties and also limited advanced education and learning cause a 39.39 in access to sophisticated education and learning, pushing it to No. 45 in SPI ranking. UAE obtained high rankings in tidy water as well as cleanliness, access to the sanctuary as well as standard treatment, however also those can not get rid of the previously mentioned reduced ratings.


GDP Rank: 34

Average Income Rank: 34

Social Progress Index Rank: 30

Average Rank: 32.7

Israel rates in the 30s in all three of our key measurements, making it even keel across the board as well as making it the No. 24 overall place on our checklist. Its GDP as well as ordinary income rank No. 34 on the planet at $369.4 billion and $37,655, specifically. Its put on the Social Development Index pushes it up slightly. Locations, where Israel shines in the SPI, include its ideal 100 ratings in water as well as hygiene, as well as high marks in fundamental medical care as well as fundamental knowledge. It falls short in inclusiveness at 43.11 as well as access to sophisticated education and learning at 59.46 points.


GDP Rank: 21

Average Income Rank: 43

Social Progress Index Rank: 32

Average Rank: 32

Poland is near the midway factor of our wealthiest nations checklist at No. 23. There are no genuine obvious good or negative numbers for Poland, as it is very typical in most areas. Its $585.8 billion GDP rates No. 21 on the planet, and its SPI checks in at No. 32. Poland’s SPI obtains an increase from high rankings in water as well as hygiene, healthcare, and accessibility to standard understanding, but its 48.74 rating inaccessibility to advanced education is weak. Earnings rank No. 43 at $29,109 annually.


GDP Rank: 54

Average Income Rank: 25

Social Progress Index Rank: 10

Average Rank: 29.7

Though not as substantial as Luxembourg, New Zealand additionally gets rid of a little GDP to arrive on our checklist at No. 22. With a $205 billion GDP, this island country is No. 53 in the world, but its No. 10 position in SPI, which it owes to a perfect 100 score in water and cleanliness, and high rankings in fundamental healthcare as well as personal legal rights, pulls it way up. Balancing everything out is its No. 25 rated average salary of $42,325.


GDP Rank: 74

Average Income Rank: 7

Social Progress Index Rank: 8

Average Rank: 29.7

Tiny European nation Luxembourg sign in at No. 21 and also shows how a country can get over one weak rating with a couple of high rankings. With a little population just southern of 600,000 individuals, this nation’s $69.5 billion GDP is barely a drop in the international bucket. Dragging it from the cellar in regards to complete riches is its surprisingly high $65,449 typical revenue that rates No. 7 in the world. Strengthening its area near the middle of the pack is its No. 8 position in SPI, which it owes to sky-high rankings in water and cleanliness, basic medical care and personal legal rights.


GDP Rank: 44

Average Income Rank: 24

Social Progress Index Rank: 5

Average Rank: 24.3

According to the World Happiness Report, Finland is the world’s happiest country, so it is surprising to see it isn’t more than No. 20. As its position in the WHR would show, Finland ranks well in SPI at No. 5, thanks to its near-perfect rankings in water and hygiene and basic medical care. It comes up low in sophisticated education and learning at just 55.14, however, no other scores dropped listed below 82.28 of 100 factors.

Where Finland fails is its No. 43 placed $275.7 billion GDP, as well as No. 20, placed $44,111 average income. Perhaps cash does not equivalent joy. Go figure.


GDP Rank: 36

Average Income Rank: 10

Social Progress Index Rank: 23

Average Rank: 23

Tiny nation-state Singapore is a shocking entrance at No. 19 on our checklist of the 50 wealthiest nations. What presses it so high on our checklist is the country’s $58,770 average revenue, which is No. 10 on the planet. In SPI, Singapore ranks No. 23– two places above the U.S.– thanks to its excellent 100 score in water and also sanitation as well as 98.25 in access to fundamental expertise. On the flip side, Singapore shows up reduced in individual rights at 70.88 factors of 100.

With limiting punishments like 3 months behind bars for vocal singing in public, $10,000 for attaching to somebody else’s Wi-Fi, approximately 2 years in prison for homosexual relations, and also up to a $100,000 fine and two years behind bars for marketing periodontal or contraband it right into the country (yes, eating gum tissue), it’s not surprising that it places so reduced in this field.


GDP Rank: 14

Average Income Rank: 31

Social Progress Index Rank: 19

Average Rank: 21.3

Spain rests at No. 18 in the leading 50 most affluent nations, and also it owes a lot to its $1.4 trillion GDP that places No. 14 on the planet. It additionally doesn’t hurt that its high positions in water, as well as hygiene, basic treatment, and ecological quality, push its SPI to No. 19 on the planet. The only disadvantage Spain has: its $38,761 ordinary yearly income, which is No. 31 in the world. However, Spain is among the most affordable European nations, so you may discover that the average wage is plenty.


GDP Rank: 32

Average Income Rank: 19

Social Progress Index Rank: 12

Average Rank: 21

It’s greater than just the luck o’ the Irish that lands Ireland at No. 17 of the 50 wealthiest nations. It is also Ireland’s No. 12 ranking in the SPI, which can attribute to high marks in access to basic treatment, clean water as well as sanitation, and also personal legal rights. Its 69.43 points inaccessibility to innovative education and learning are low about the remainder of the world but are high compared to other European countries. GDP is the only sore spot for Ireland, as its $375.9 billion GDP is No. 32 worldwide.


GDP Rank: 27

Average Income Rank: 16

Social Progress Index Rank: 20

Average Rank: 21

At No. 16 on our listing of the leading 50 wealthiest nations is Austria. This land-locked European country fails with its $455.7 billion GDP monitoring in at No. 27 as well as SPI ringing in at just No. 20. In SPI, Austria masters access to clean water and hygiene and also its standard medical care, but its 46.27 factors inaccessibility to innovative education and learning are reduced, also compared to its European neighbors that struggle in this group.


GDP Rank: 8

Average Income Rank: 33

Social Progress Index Rank: 21

Average Rank: 20.7

Italy is a solid No. 15 in our listing of wealthiest nations with a healthy and balanced $2.1 trillion GDP that places No. 8 worldwide. Dragging it down is the ordinary Italian worker’s salary, which checks in at just $37,752, and also it’s No. 21 ranking in the SPI. The boot-shaped nation’s SPI ranking obtains help from its high positions in access to water as well as hygiene, basic treatment as well as personal civil liberties, however, its 66.7 factors inaccessibility to advanced education as well as 74.41 factors in personal liberty and choice drag it way down.

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GDP Rank: 12

Average Income Rank: 29

Social Progress Index Rank: 18

Average Rank: 19.7

Not to be puzzled with its reclusive and also oppressed northern competitor, South Korea is available in at No. 14 on our list. Its $39,472 ordinary earnings are less than impressive, yet its $1.6 trillion GDP is No. 12 worldwide. South Korea’s No. 18 SPI gets an increase from the country’s clean water as well as sanitation, standard medical care, and accessibility to details as well as communication, though it’s on the lower side in individual freedom as well as an option at 78.94 of 100 points. Naturally, that’s considerably better than North Korea’s 3.62 of 100 factors in the exact same classification.


GDP Rank: 22

Average Income Rank: 23

Social Progress Index Rank: 11

Average Rank: 18.7

Sweden’s $551 billion GDP and also average annual salary of $44,196 area No. 22 and also No. 23 worldwide, respectively, yet the country’s No. 11 ranking in the SPI provides it a healthy and balanced increase in our overall positions. Sweden’s SPI ranking obtains a big hand from the country’s access to tidy water, basic treatment and also ecological top quality, but like its European neighbors, it rates reduced inaccessibility to innovative education at 58.99 mentions of 100.


GDP Rank: 23

Average Income Rank: 14

Social Progress Index Rank: 17

Average Rank: 18

Belgium strikes a fragile balance in all positions, topping out at No. 14 with a $52,080 average wage as well as No. 17 in the SPI, which results in a No. 12 position on our checklist. Belgium beams in water and hygiene, standard health and wellness and also treatment, as well as access to the sanctuary in the SPI, but its 59.78 rating in access to advanced education mirrors lots of various other European nations and also drags it down a little bit. Belgium’s $531.7 billion GDP rings in simply over the halfway point on the top 50 listings.


GDP Rank: 39

Average Income Rank: 11

Social Progress Index Rank: 4

Average Rank: 18

Like Norway, No. 11 placed Denmark additionally obtains high marks around the globe for its social understanding. Some of the most significant wins on its way to a No. 4 position in the SPI include water and also cleanliness, access to the sanctuary, and healthcare, yet it has a hard time supplying advanced education and learning with its 56.82 of 100 ratings. Ordinary earnings likewise ring in high at $55,253, which makes it No. 11 worldwide, however, its $351.2 billion GDP remains in the reduced third of our leading 50 at No. 38.


GDP Rank: 29

Average Income Rank: 15

Social Progress Index Rank: 1

Average Rank: 15

Average Rank: 14.7

Norway is frequently considered as one of the most socially aware countries worldwide with low air pollution, superior healthcare as well as excellent assistance programs, as well as it reveals this off with its No. 1 ranking in the SPI. It shows up light with its 53.31 of 100 points in access to sophisticated education, however, also that’s not enough to drag it down. Norway’s No. 29 rated GDP of $434 billion and No. 15 rated typical income of $50,966 pulled its total position on our list of richest countries to No. 10, but it is still quite high for these drawbacks.


GDP Rank: 6

Average Income Rank: 22

Social Progress Index Rank: 16

Average Rank: 14.7

France is No. 6 in the world in GDP at $2.8 trillion, so it must rate higher, but its typical revenue of $44,510 is only No. 22 in the world, which drags its total wealth rating to No. 9. France’s access to clean water and sanitation, standard treatment as well as access to sanctuary put it at a firm No. 16 in SPI ranking, however, there is room for renovation inaccessibility to sophisticated education and inclusiveness, which received ratings of 64.28 of 100 and also 67.48 of 100, specifically.


GDP Rank: 10

Average Income Rank: 18

Social Progress Index Rank: 14

Average Rank: 14

Canada is available in as the eighth most affluent country with its $1.7 trillion GDP ranking No. 10 and also SPI signing in at No. 14. The latter owes a whole lot to the 98.44 of 100 ratings it got in fundamental healthcare and 95.74 factors in personal legal rights. The sorest place for Canada is the 69.43 factor it got inaccessibility to advanced education and learning, which might be attributed to its expansive rural areas.


GDP Rank: 13

Average Income Rank: 13

Social Progress Index Rank: 15

Average Rank: 13.7

Australia is available in with fairly regular scores across the board, ringing in No. 13 in GDP and typical income at $1.4 trillion as well as $53,349, specifically. It is available in a little short in SPI at No. 15 yet still pulls in high positions for nutrition and also standard healthcare, water and cleanliness, individual legal rights and also accessibility to information as well as communication. It does, nonetheless, ring in just 69.31 points of 100 inaccessibility to sophisticated education and learning. This all amounts to a No. 7 position on our listing of most affluent countries. (note, Australia also constantly ranks as a leading travel destination).


GDP Rank: 5

Average Income Rank: 21

Social Progress Index Rank: 13

Average Rank: 13

Down one general placement from the Netherlands is the U.K., the No. 6 most affluent country worldwide. While its $2.8 trillion GDP put it 12 areas ahead of Netherlands, it falls by 9 places in typical revenue at simply $44,770 each year. It also came in 6 areas lower in SPI with sore spots being inclusiveness as well as access to innovative education.


GDP Rank: 17

Average Income Rank: 12

Social Progress Index Rank: 7

Average Rank: 12

The Netherlands is linked with Japan with an average ranking of 12, but it sets about it in different ways on its way to No. 5 on our checklist. Its $912.8 billion GDP in 2018 was reasonably is rated only No. 17, yet its ordinary income of $54,262 provided it an increase. In SPI, the Netherlands tracked Japan by one position. The Netherlands excelled in the very same locations as Japan in SPI, except its personal civil liberties ranking was significantly higher.


GDP Rank: 3

Average Income Rank: 27

Social Progress Index Rank: 6

Average Rank: 12

With a GDP of $4.9 trillion in 2018, Japan is No. 3 worldwide, however, its ordinary earnings of $40,753 drop it to No. 4 on our listing of wealthiest countries. Aiding draw it back up from the low marks in average wage is its No. 6 ranking in SPI, thanks to high positions in water and sanitation, access to basic understanding, nutrition and also medical care and also a sanctuary. The only sore spots in SPI area its inclusiveness, as well as accessibility to advanced education and learning, which may be complex, offered the country’s concentrate on technology.


GDP Rank: 1

Average Income Rank: 9

Social Progress Index Rank: 25

Average Rank: 11.7

The USA’s GDP sits at the top of the globe at $20.5 trillion as of 2018, but there is even more to it being No. 3 on our checklist than that. Ordinary earnings additionally ring in high at $63,093, placing it at No. 9 in the world. These 2 high positions assist it to offset the remarkably reduced No. 25 position in the SPI. In the SPI, the UNITED STATE ranks amongst the most effective in the shelter, water as well as sanitation, medical care and also personal rights, but it falls short in inclusiveness, health, and wellness, as well as personal safety.


GDP Rank: 20

Average Income Rank: 8

Social Progress Index Rank: 3

Average Rank: 10.3

Switzerland flaunts some of the greatest wages worldwide, putting its average at $64,109 annually, which plays a large role in it being the 2nd richest nation on the planet. And also, it flaunts a few of the globe’s most advanced social pens, including accessibility to alcohol consumption water, nourishment, power access, independent media, high school enrollment, and also greenhouse gas emissions. What separates it and also Germany is its No. 20 placed GDP of $705.5 billion.


GDP Rank: 4

Average Income Rank: 17

Social Progress Index Rank: 

Average Rank: 10

Topping our listing as the richest country in the world is not all that unexpected. Germany has actually long been just one of the prominent countries in GDP as well as leads the world in a few of the most integral parts of the SPI: senior high school registration, accessibility to electricity, accessibility to drinking water and nutrients.