Let’s be honest; parking needs to be an Olympic sport. It takes years of practicing to make it perfect, and there are some people that are just much better than others. Yes, there are those who need to be awarded a gold medal for their parking exploits. The following is not about those sort of individuals. Quite the opposite. It has to do with the people who couldn’t park straight if their lives depended on it.

1Fire, fire, everywhere

Every motorist must know that parking in front of a fire hydrant is illegal, however lots of people appear to contract short-lived amnesia when searching for someplace to dispose their vehicle.

Instead of following the rules of the road, they instead settle their wheels in front of the curb, obstructing the hydrant while doing so. While these hydrants are hardly ever used regularly, you never know when they will be needed to put out a fire so it’s best to prevent them … What takes place if you don’t do this, you ask? Well, this.