It’s pretty difficult to believe that the very first Harry Potter film first entered our screens almost twenty years earlier. You might say, all of it occurred by magic! Since their very first days finding out the ins and outs of witchcraft and wizardry at Hogwarts, this wand-waving neighborhood has actually been on rather the journey.

One big franchise and twelve Academy Award elections later on, and the eight-part tale is recognized today as one of the greatest earning movie series of perpetuity. Because their launching making potions and finding out how to correctly pronounce “Wingardium Leviosa” the cast has actually gone on to do excellent things. Here’s a look at how they matured over the years.

1Rupert Grint a.k.a. Ron Weasley

The time has pertained to turn to our preferred redhead. The adorable Ron Weasley served as Potter’s reliable partner in the middle of all the drama. Regardless of his timid tendencies and lack of spontaneity, he would always stand by his good friend’s side. We’re delighted to see those intense red locks are still out!

Today, the star has participated in a few small film roles as well as gazing in the British funny series, Sick Note. Not simply this, however the star often gets puzzled with Brit vocalist and fellow ginger, Ed Sheeran, getting cast to play a compulsive fan in his “Lego House” music video. Not a bad person to get compared to!