9 Injured After a Tree Falls on Tent During Lightning Strike

9 Injured After a Tree Falls on Tent During Lightning Strike

Nine people were injured in Pennsylvania Sunday, Aug. 18 after lightning struck a tree causing it to fall on a tent, said Bill Oettinger, the emergency management coordinator for Lower Southampton Township.

The tree fell at the Dolphin Swim Club, an open park in Bucks County about 20 miles northeast of Philadelphia, shortly after 5 p.m., Oettinger told CNN.

Oettinger said he knew the tree had been struck by lightning because of the burn marks.

Two adults and seven children were injured, CNN affiliate WPVI-TV, citing authorities, reported.

“The lifeguard and staff that were here got everybody out from the tent before the first responders got here,” Oettinger told WPVI.

Three people were seriously injured, while six others suffered minor injuries, he said.

Last month, a lightning strike at a Florida beach injured eight people, Clearwater Police Department Lt. Michael Ogliaruso said.

Witnesses reported seeing the eight people either falling or being thrown when the lightning struck Clearwater Beach, near Tampa on July 21, Ogliaruso told CNN.

It’s not uncommon for people to stay on the beach and watch the storms, Ogliaruso said.

“It was one of those bad Florida storms. It came and now it’s gone sunny and clear out,” Ogliaruso said. “As dangerous as they are, they’re also pretty spectacular.”

Clearwater Fire and Rescue told WFTS that beachgoers should take cover and go to a safe place when lightning and thunder storms are in the vicinity.

“Clearwater Fire and Rescue uses the phrase: When you hear the roar, go indoors,” the fire department said.

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