Identical Twin Sisters Deliver Identical Twin Sisters in Georgia

Identical twin girls were delivered into this world by identical twin nurses at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center in Athens, Georgia, on September 25.

Nurses Tara Drinkard, and her twin sister, Tori Howard, 26, were both scheduled to work in the delivery room together for the first time and assist with a twin delivery by cesarean section.

Addison and Emma Williams
Twins Addison and Emma Williams were delivered three minutes apart. (Courtesy of Piedmont Athens Regional)

“I was excited to go to a delivery with my sister, but it didn’t really cross my mind—we’re twins, and they’re twins,” Tara shared on Good Morning America.

The new parents, Rebecca and Brannan Williams, were surprised to hear of the twin nurses assisting with the delivery, “I was really nervous about the walk into the C-section room,” Brannan told CNN, “and then learning that I was like, oh, that’s pretty cool! It kind of relaxed me a little bit.”

twins and parents
Rebecca Williams works at the hospital where the babies were born, so the family is sure they’ll be able to keep in touch with the nurses. (Courtesy of Piedmont Athens Regional)

“It was pretty neat because Tara took care of Becca in the labor and delivery room, and Tori was taking care of Emma in the NICU,” Brannan Williams told GMA.

“[Tara and Tori] have become our friends. I look forward to letting the girls know about this one day, and hopefully, they’ll get to meet them and keep carrying this thing on,” Rebecca told the station.

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Identical twin sisters married to identical twin brothers now plan to have synchronized pregnancies and raise their families together.

Josh and Jeremy Salyers, 35, met Brittany and Briana Deane, 33, at the festival of twins in Ohio in August 2017 and fell in love. They soon married in what they call a “double fairytale.” Now they are hoping to have children together, reported the New York Post.

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The couples said they want to have twins, they want them to be born on the same day, and they want them to be raised together. “I know that’s four babies,” Briana’s husband Jeremy said, according to the New York Post.

The twin sisters have shared everything in life with each other and also wanted to be pregnant at the same time.

“I’m going to feel like I’m also the mother of Brittany’s children, and she’ll feel like she’s also the mother of my children,” Briana said.

Josh said that the twin brothers had thought early in life that if they don’t find twin sisters, they would not marry. “It’s just a bond and understanding that you couldn’t find anywhere else,” he said.

Epoch Times reporter Venus Upadhayaya contributed to this report