Massive Hammerhead Caught on Video Stealing Tarpon From Captain’s Hands

Massive Hammerhead Caught on Video Stealing Tarpon From Captain’s Hands

PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida (WFTS)—On June 4, the impressive raw power of how hammerhead sharks hunt was on full display.

The hammerhead shark, estimated at 13 to 14 feet was captured on GoPro video attacking a massive tarpon.

Fishing guide Captain Rob Gorta was trying to hold the fish up for a picture when he got photobombed by the shark.

“All of a sudden a monster hammerhead just took it right out of my hands it was amazing I couldn’t believe it was happening,” Gorta said.

“Just came right out of nowhere and ripped the fish out of my hands. We are all in awe we didn’t know what to do.”

The video shows the hammerhead’s fin popping up out of the water, going after the tarpon in Gorta’s hand. The shark pursues the catch above and below the water.

Gorta rushing to unhook the tarpon to give the fish a fighting chance, but it was too late. Gorta said even when he reeled the tarpon in, he saw bite marks and blood in the water.

“I really felt bad for the fish, you know, they are an amazing fish, and I make a good living off of them,” Gorta said.

“They are a lot of fun, and I have the utmost respect for them. There’s nothing I could really do to save that fish.”

The attack happened in the waters off Anna Maria Island near Bean Point. Gorta said he’s had tarpon getting chased by a shark jump into his boat. But, having a shark steal his catch is a first.

“I still think about it every day we talked about I I show it and brag about it to everyone I know,” Gorta said.

“I am very fortunate to make my living on the water and capture some amazing videos. When you are on the water every day, you see a lot of crazy stuff.”

Shark Bites a Chunk out of Surfboard

A teen surfing off the Hawaii island of Oahu escaped a shark encounter uninjured, but his board didn’t.

KHON-TV reports 16-year-old Max Keliikipi was waiting for a wave on the evening of Aug. 11 near Makaha Beach when he spotted what he thought was a turtle fin.

Soon, Keliikipi realized it was a shark. So he jumped up, sitting with his feet on his board, not letting his legs dangle below the surface as easy prey for the aquatic predator.

The teen says the shark chomped down on the front of his board just inches from his foot, taking off a chunk bigger than his head.

Max Keliikipi
Max Keliikipi said a shark “bit a huge chunk off” his board. (Max Keliikipi via CNN)

“It bit a huge chunk off my board,” he said. “If my feet were a little further up the board, it would have bit my toes off.”

The shark’s impact threw him into the water.

The junior lifeguard says his flight instinct kicked in and he swam toward shore. He made it to land safely.

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