Getting a tattoo is a big deal because it stays with you for the rest of your life, so you should probably pick something you know you will love to look at every single day. But even if you don’t like the tattoo you got, cheer up. You may end up on one of these hilarious lists of people who got terrible tattoos. They are funny for many reasons, such as a horrible spelling mistakes that makes you wonder whether it was done on purpose. Some are hilarious because they are ironic, while others are just terrible depictions. Regardless of why they are funny, these terrible tattoos will make you think twice about getting one!

1Marilyn Mon-WHOA

The only saving grace to this atrocious depiction of the 1950’s icon is the consolation that it’s hidden under clothes for most of the year.

On those beach days when the tattoo of Marylin Monroe is exposed, however, it’s doubtful that many people can guess who this person is even supposed to be. It looks like her eyes are melting down her at different speeds as she screams in pain and agony. What a terrible tattoo!