It’s a famous line, one everyone knows when it comes to weddings. It’s the line that solidifies the relationship and boldly asks guests to “speak now, or forever hold your peace.” Usually this is accompanied by roaming eyes and snickers from the guests, but what would happen if someone did stand up to say something? Imagine if someone rose up to stake their claim on the bride or the groom. But what if it wasn’t someone from the audience that spoke up, what if it was the groom?

That is basically what took place at one wedding, but it wasn’t at the alter. Instead, this clever groom waited for the perfect time to stage his revenge. After discovering his new wife cheated on him the day of their wedding, he took matters into his own hands and plotted his revenge on his new adulterous wife. With his friends and family all there he waited for the moment to let the secret out. If this all sounds awkward, imagine the guests at the ceremony and the family that couldn’t take their eyes off the train wreck that happened before their very eyes.

2The Big Red Chair

At the end the show, Graham calls on regular folks to sit down in his big red chair. The audience member sits down with Graham and gets their shot at telling their story. If Norton like the story his guests tell, the audience member gets to walk away with the satisfaction of entertaining Graham’s guests.

Now if the story happens to be dull, boring, or just down right unpleasant, Graham will flip the chair back causing the audience member to fall on his back. During one episode in 2016, a red chair guest took his place fairly confident to win the crowd and Norton over. Graham and the rest of his audience leaned in to listen to the tale with their ears perked and ready.