Trump has ‘A Good Feeling’ Iran Will Want to Meet in Upcoming Weeks

Trump has ‘A Good Feeling’ Iran Will Want to Meet in Upcoming Weeks

President Donald Trump said at the G7 Summit that he had ‘a good feeling’ that the president of Iran will want to meet with him in the upcoming weeks.

The president made the comment during a Q&A in France on Aug. 26. In an answer to reporters, he described Iran as having “great potential,” and that he would meet with President Hassan Rouhani if the “circumstances were correct.”

“I really believe that Iran can be a great nation—I’d like to see that happen,” said President Trump. “But they can’t have nuclear weapons.”

Since the United States dropped out of the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2018, it has imposed sanctions on the Islamic regime, strategically pressuring it into making a deal that would stop the state from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Some Iranians, including Former Iran Diplomat Nader Nouri believes the strategy is working: “We have information from inside the country that the regime is in a very bad situation,” he said in an interview with NTD News in June.

Despite Iran’s attack on an unmanned American drone earlier this year and claims that it has breached its uranium cap, President Trump expressed hope for the nation.

The president said that he will not ease Iran’s sanctions ahead of a possible meeting, but rather G7 countries would consider crafting a “letter of credit” to Iran, secured by its oil, to help it get past a “tough patch.”

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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