The world of celebrities has many wild relationships. But few of them are wilder than Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

No one was quite as passionate as these two. No relationship hit the bricks quite like theirs. And for 10 years, no one kept going on-again, off-again like these two.

But how did their relationship start? How did it end? And what are the clues hidden inside Gomez’s latest lyrics? We’ve got the full scoop and hottest goss on lock!

2Hidden Lyrical Meaning

In “Look At Her Now,” the pre-chorus mentions “she’s glad she dodged a bullet.” This seems to say Gomez is happy that Hailey Baldwin married Bieber instead of her.

Another lyric says, “Fast nights that got him / That new life was his problem.” This seems to indicate that fame went to Bieber’s head and created problems with their relationship.

Finally, there’s the lyrics “She knows she’ll find love… only if she wants it.” This seems to cement that Gomez will now concentrate on loving herself.


Now that you know about the fire Selena Gomez is spitting, let’s check out exactly how her relationship with Justin Bieber began and ended, over and over again!