Occasionally convenience food things are poor because of the means they’re handled or maintained either before or after being made. A string on Reddit focused specifically on this. Employees from chains like McDonald’s and also Hamburger King all the way to Taco Bell as well as Domino’s chipped in to alert unsuspecting customers of the gross junk food practices each dining establishment participated in. This is evidently a problem that covers convenience food chains of all kinds, though you’ll notice a few essential repeat offenders on this list.

The workers specifically discussed what specifically a customer should never ever get from their restaurant. Either because of gross techniques, never-cleaned machines, bad active ingredients, or just general unhealthiness, the majority of areas constantly contend the very least one point that a consumer needs to never buy.

Caution: this will certainly change sights on the world’s popular quick food chains. Be prepared to be made out.

1McDonald’s McRib

Let’s simply state the McRib isn’t in fact made out of ribs. If you’re curious, it’s made out of pig tripe, hearts, and tummies. Gross, right?