We’ve come a long way as a society when it comes to personal hygiene but it hasn’t always been that way. The generations before us had to get pretty crafty when it came to keeping clean and staying healthy.

Just think about it. Before we had fancy face wash infused with kale extract, our ancestors had to try out some pretty gross ways to keep their face clean, like using their own urine (ew!). Check out some of the most disgusting—and sometimes dangerous—ways our ancient ancestors kept clean.

You might not hate using 2-ply when you find out what humans used to use as toilet paper.

2Balding Men Would Rub Chicken Poop On Their Head

History has a lot of strange medical remedies but none as weird as using chicken feces to cure baldness. A 17th-century medical book titled “The Path-Way To Health” advised men to mix chicken manure (known back then as Culver-dung) with Lye and wash their scalps with it.

We’re not so sure about the chicken dung but considering the fact Lye is a poisonous alkaline solution, we doubt any hair was growing back with that remedy.

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