Ever since Wendy Joseph, as well as Dan Hennessey, began dating in university, their relationship had its fair share of ups as well as downs. Yet someday when Wendy made a decision to share an article regarding their connection on social networks, she never ever anticipated it to go viral and was a little overwhelmed as to why she was obtaining every one of this newfound popularity. Those concerns were quickly answered when this health and fitness pair began scrolling via the remarks.

A Common College Experience

Like most girls that are off to university, Wendy Joseph was anticipating what was to find during what would certainly be several of the most formative years of her life. Wendy was birthed in Haiti, however, had actually spent most of her life in New Jacket, and was off to university not as well away from her home town.

She was remaining in the state to study public health care at Montclair State University. Whatever seemed rather common, but that would certainly soon be far from true. Soon enough, she ‘d come into contact with a boy who would certainly have a big part in her future. Nevertheless, this seemingly typical “girl-meets-boy” tale would certainly take a remarkable turn with just one social network post.

The Ultimate Message

The year was 2006, and Facebook had actually just been around for concerning 2 years. The whole social networks website was no place near the gigantic media giant ubiquitously utilized by individuals of every age and phase in life. At that point, it was mainly utilized by college students to connect with each other and with buddies of close friends, which is precisely what occurred in Wendy’s instance.

Wendy was brand-new to Facebook when she logged on as well as got a message from a boy called Dan Hennessey. Dan had written a short note, just introducing himself, yet Wendy really felt a little unusual about the message. She would certainly, later on, describe that she believed “first of all, I don’t know you, as well as I do not rely on the Internet.” However, even more, she considered the message, a lot more she knew she needed to inform someone regarding it.

Sharing Some Information Concerning The Enigma Guy

According to Dan’s account, he was a student at Montclair State University, researching exercise scientific research. He was 18-years-old, as well as Wendy was questioning why he would message a 17-year-old freshman. Given that Facebook was not as developed as is it nowadays, Wendy was unable to obtain that a lot more extra info. However, Wendy can still tell that she believed this Dan man was pretty adorable.

Soon after Wendy obtained the message, she determined she needed to discuss it with her buddy, Daphne Wendy brought up his account on her desktop and rapidly observed Daphne’s response to his profile. Her best friend understood a quite amazing connection that the two needed to this Dan personality, and Wendy would certainly not like what she will hear.

Connecting The Dots Between Dan And Daphne

Wendy would, later on, remember what happened next on her YouTube channel, discussing that “Daphne checked out his image and resembled ‘Dan? He tried to speak to me too.'” That sufficed for Wendy. “I resembled ‘yeah, I’m absolutely not going to talk with him since he tried to speak to my friend.”

An ashamed Dan would certainly later describe that he was scrolling with profiles on Facebook and also end up sending a message to Daphne. “After that, … I saw that one of her pals was Wendy, as well as I resembled ‘wow this girl looks amazing, let me greet,'” Dan recalled. Dan’s social network practices had landed him with negative credibility in Wendy’s eyes, however, this would certainly not be the only time that social media would certainly play a large component in Dan as well as Wendy’s tale.

Leaving Dan On Read

Wendy recognized that she was not ready to message a boy that had actually initially reached out to her friend. Besides, she was just starting college as well as understood that her dating options would be wide open. Wendy did not believe much about Dan once she chose not to react to his message. Yet on the various other ends of the computer system, things were much various.

Dan, on the other hand, could not stop considering this girl he discovered on Facebook. Initially, after not listening to a reaction, he chose to play it cool. Yet as time took place, he chose he would certainly try his luck and reach out once again to Wendy, not knowing what she would certainly say in feedback, or if he would also get a feedback whatsoever.

Wendy Gets Yet Another Message From Dan

After a short duration of taking the passive course, Dan chose to be straight. He connected once more to Wendy as well as attempted to start a conversation. Wendy was puzzled concerning why the very same man who had actually messaged her best friend was, once more, calling her on Facebook. She began to do a little bit a lot more digging.

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To Wendy’s shock, Dan and also she, in fact, seemed to have a few mutual friends, consisting of some close friends from her home town. Keeping that confirmation, Wendy was quite positive this was not an arbitrary, scary man off of the Internet. She chose to take the leap.

An Invitation To Connect

After a couple of hopeless messages sent from Dan, Wendy ultimately made a decision to address. From there, the discussion surprisingly seemed to move. Throughout a few days, Wendy and also Dan corresponded to and fro over Facebook learning more about one another.

Both Dan and Wendy were new to the internet love, therefore they both were a little unclear of where to take their discussion. After a couple of days of chatting, Dan made a decision to go for it and arrange a face-to-face conference. He felt like a formal date would be a bit excessive, so he decided to go a bit much more informal and also welcomed her to an event at his house. There was simply one slight trouble with his strategy.

Some Last Minute Party Planning

Dan was so thrilled to finally be talking with Wendy that he used for her to come to his residence for the big celebration he was throwing. The college sophomore and also his roommates in area 2A were used to tossing celebrations along with their neighbors. Yet this time around, there was one problem.

” There was no real party,” Dan, later on, confessed in a YouTube video. “However if she had said yes then we would have produced one.” The good news is for Dan, Wendy consented to come to his yet-to-be-planned event with a few of her buddies. Sadly for Dan, this acceptance meant that he had to place a party together, as well as quick.

The Night Of The Party

Dan was a basketball gamer at Montclair State College, as well as locating pals eager to come over for a final event was no worry. His roomies also accepted participate in the plans, and also they were all upgraded on the lady that Dan had actually been talking to on Facebook.

Soon after the celebration began, Wendy reached Dan’s house with a handful of her close friends. For the rest of the evening, the two hit it off. “We danced all evening, we were speaking, but by the end of the night, everybody left as well as we were still there,” Wendy claimed in a YouTube video clip. However, anyone reasoning that this is where a common love story started would certainly be wrong.

Not The Right Time For A Relationship

After the night of the event, Wendy and also Dan remained to text each other. And also it would seem to every person else that these two university students were rapidly developing a relationship. Yet not so quick. Soon, any hopes of love would promptly fade for the two of them.

In spite of an instant connection, Dan and also Wendy determined to simply remain pals. “She had actually left a relationship and I was kind of partying it up, so to speak, so we were not seeking anything severe,” Dan later recounted. “We were still actually curious about each other.” However both Wendy and also Dan’s good friends could quickly see that this relationship was bound to end, and that is exactly what occurred.

A Friendship Quickly Becomes Something Else

Luckily for Dan and for Wendy, both of their particular teams of pals got along well, as well as the entire group began to associate each other. While Wendy, as well as Dan, were both set on remaining buddies, each of their friends could see that there was something else there. After that, by the time Dan’s birthday happened, he had an idea.

Wendy had texted Dan with a pleased birthday celebration message when Dan reacted and asked her to supper to commemorate later that week. The supper ultimately occurred and also, according to Dan, “we determined ‘let’s actually try this and see where it can go.'” From that minute, the two were a pair. Yet this connection would certainly not last excessive longer.

Here Come The Dating Troubles

With their close friend teams already almost integrated, Dan and also Wendy went from seeing each other usually to seeing each other all of the time. Things seemed to be working out, yet behind the scenes, Wendy was encountering some internal battles associated with her relationship.

Wendy had always been an independent person, and also this brand-new relationship had both of them becoming rather based on each other. With time, she could feel herself changing as the years of university were coming to a close. Wendy knew that she wished to leave college as well as go after some big dreams. Yet first, she had to make a pretty difficult decision.

The Huge Breakup

Wendy had created her entire college life around her relationship, and also she loved Dan. But as she approached post-college life, she knew that she needed to begin concentrating on herself and also developing her very own life. She had expanded a great deal for many years, and really felt that she had extra growing up to do … alone.

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Before graduation, Wendy broke the news to Dan. She wished to separate. Dan was heartbroken, yet he would not state that he was blindsided. At the time, Dan was having some struggles of his very own attempting to figure out the next steps in his life. Both inevitably went their different ways pledging to work on themselves. Meanwhile, both of them were about to begin an unbelievable trip that neither of them saw coming.

The Making Of A Celebrity

Wendy’s trip to locate herself led her to literally locate and also embrace her very own natural beauty. After her break up, Wendy started her own YouTube channel, which followed her journey to loving and also approving her own natural hair. Her honest tutorials and confessionals regarding natural charm hit a nerve with viewers, as well as her YouTube channel, “Wendy’s Curls,” removed.

Wendy had quickly become a YouTube celebrity in her own right, generating over 60,000 fans at the time. Her videos featured hair tutorials, Q&A sessions, makeup ideas as well as exercise videos. This when a self-aware woman was all of a sudden starting to like her natural self as an independent person. Then, a coincidence endangered to thwart all of her progress.

A Casual Run In Leads To Something Less Casual

While Wendy had actually been locating herself, Dan was making progress of his own, however, he was still depressed by his love shed. Both had actually been separated for concerning a year as well as a fifty percent, and also both of them knew it was for the best, but the pain still remained. Then, someday, a possible run in changed every little thing.

By coincidence, Dan, as well as Wendy, ran into each other eventually, and the sensations they had for one another came hurrying back. Once more, both linked immediately. They chose that after a year and also fifty percent of being independent, they were both ready to try a relationship again. As well as this time, social media sites would certainly once again specify their connection, with one viral article altering their life paths.

Following Their Love Story

While Dan was working on his own physical fitness journey and also Wendy was working on her YouTube network, both of them had actually made substantial ground in their social media complying with. Together, they had an outstanding number of fans enjoying their romance unfold.

Over the period of their separation, Dan had just bout 15,500 fans, while Wendy was getting to social media sites fame with 87,000 fans. Both were uploading images of their health and fitness regimens and also various other topics that fascinated them and also their corresponding fans. However after that eventually, the two made a decision to publish concerning something a little bit more personal, and also opened themselves as much as a shocking scenario.

A Delighted Wedding anniversary

So much time had passed given that their preliminary meeting in 2006, along with a prolonged separation, that the two had actually practically lost track of the anniversary. They soon realized that they had been in each other’s lives for 10 years, a whole decade. With things going so well, both decided to upload on Wendy’s social media sites regarding their wedding anniversary.

Dan and Wendy were made use of to sharing their connection online, however, this time was somehow different. Not only had both of them expanded over the past ten years, but both of them were additionally considerably different in various other ways. And quickly enough, the world would take notice. When Wendy struck the ‘share’ switch, she had no concept that there would certainly be such a big response.

The Post That Altered Every Little Thing

Wendy determined to post two pictures side-by-side. The initial revealed the couple early into their college partnership. The 2nd showed both of them in swimsuit 10 whole years later on. “10-year difference! Left 2007, Right 2017,” Wendy composed on Instagram.

Wendy’s post proceeded, “I made use of to have a perm, as well as use my hair adhered to my face day-to-day, and [Dan], used to cut when a week! Currently, we take major swimsuit pictures in different nations,” adding that “life comes with you quickly.” The sort, as well as comments, started pouring in. The message promptly amassed over 60,000 likes and also almost 900 remarks. They were both shocked, however when they started undergoing the comments, they started to recognize why.

Reading Through The Comment Section

Wendy, as well as Dan, were both made use of to publishing photos of themselves with each other, particularly since they had reconciled their relationship. So why was this article specifically getting a lot of interest? The comment section said all of it, as well as they both, could not quit checking out.

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” Did you both age in reverse?? What fountain of youth are you drinking from??” one commenter stated. An additional wrote, “Why does it look like he’s dating the mama in the left as well as the little girl on the right.” One more “You wanna inform me how you aged backward?” Wendy and also Dan were bewildered by the support, and also the post paved the way to an unbelievable suggestion.

A Big Idea, Fit For The Couple

With every one of the interests being directed on their “radiance up,” this social network savvy couple understood that they required to capitalize on being a viral fitness pair. From the start of their connection, both Dan and Wendy had always wanted nourishment, exercise, and health.

The couple believed that collaborating on a health and fitness associated job path had constantly felt like a natural following action. However, this newly found focus provided both of them a lot more factors to pursue joint professions in the field. They swiftly started to create a prepare for their futures that would certainly develop into something substantial.

Working Out And Working Hard

In 2014, Wendy and also Dan had started a small health and fitness blog site. But when their viral blog post continued to obtain sort, comments, as well as attention, both decided to kick the blog right into complete gear. The couple announced that they would certainly begin their own service, called True4You Health and fitness.

With their blog and other social media sites accounts, Wendy and Dan were identified to aid others via their wellness journeys, just as they had actually experienced over the last ten years. Their goal was to make health and fitness attainable for everybody and utilized their very own tales as archetypes. Little did they know that this fitness blog site would only be the very first of their large possibilities.

One Evening In Paris

Both Dan and also Wendy, in addition to their physical fitness blog, remained to gain followers. Their viral 10-year wedding anniversary article remained in their past, yet the couple was functioning towards their futures. After that, on a September 2016 getaway in Paris, Dan chose to offer Wendy the shock of her life.

During a see to the Eiffel Tower with Wendy and a few of their buddies, Dan chose the minute had actually come. Dan proposed and also asked Wendy to marry him. True to develop for the couple, they uploaded the whole engagement on Wendy’s YouTube web page for their fans to see for themselves. In that minute, Wendy clarified that it seemed that life can not improve. After that, it did.

A Model Pair

Beyond health and fitness, wellness, and also nourishment, Dan as well as Wendy shared a love for one more passion: traveling. The two began publishing video clips of their trips around the world on their YouTube network. It got on among those trips that they satisfied one more pair that suggested an additional professional path to the pair.

The couple Wendy and also Dan satisfied both made a living as specialist models. Considering That Dan and Wendy currently brought in a lot of attention on their social media sites accounts, their brand-new friends suggested they take a look around at modeling agencies. Thinking it could be fun to a minimum of attempt, Dan wound up connecting to a couple of firms. After that, he obtained an unanticipated reaction.

A Picture Perfect Couple

Dan listened to back from a handful of modeling companies that not only wanted to consult with him, but they additionally wanted Wendy ahead along for spreadings. The couple made their means via New york city City to see if they would actually land any kind of gigs.

The risk turned out to operate in their support, and also both were soon authorized as designs, landing a handful of contracts. Dan was there to support Wendy as she starred in a Dove face wash project. Their success led the two to transfer to New york city City to pursue their new modeling occupations. As well as their social media adhering to followed right along with them as they cleared up into their new lives.

Everything Is Working Out

Dan and Wendy followed their passions from the health club mats to photoshoot locations. Dan remained to work in individual training as well as modeling, while Wendy maintained her YouTube channel. As well as even with all of the global support they have actually received, both say their most significant advocate is each other.

While individuals on social media sites follow Wendy for her amazing weight reduction journey and physical fitness ideas, Wendy now says that her journey to self-acceptance and self-love is a never ever-ending process. However, throughout whatever, social networks were to say thanks to for helping locate her partnership, her YouTube celeb condition, and her profession.