Cauldron Ice Creams Blend Two of Our Favorite Desserts Into One


Picking a single dessert option can be a difficult task, but what if we told you could mix two of them into one? Cauldron’s signature puffle cones draw inspiration from egg waffles, but that’s not stopping them from being the most delicious ice cream you’ll ever taste.

This ice cream shop is based in Orange County, but it ended up opening new locations in Dallas and Toronto after becoming a worldwide sensation and one of Instagram’s top spots for people with a sweet tooth.

What sets Cauldron’s ice creams apart are their signature Puffle cones. They are inspired by the popular Hong Kong street snack egg waffle, which has been around since the ‘50s. This bubbly treat gives them a special charm, but it’s not even the most delicious part of the whole thing.

Cauldron’s ice creams will win you over with their sweet creamy base, and you’ll watch them being made in front of your very eyes. It’s quite an experience to see them coming together, and the only thing that tops it is getting to taste them afterward.

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