Sleep quality is extremely important for our overall health and that’s why we all have our own little bedtime rituals that help us fall asleep faster. There are many tricks that can promote good sleep and changing your diet is one of them. These are the best foods to eat before bed if you’re struggling to fall asleep.  

Warm Milk

Milk contains tryptophan, calcium, vitamin D, and melatonin, all of which can help you fall asleep faster. However, the main reason why warm milk is effective is that we associate it with this specific childhood ritual that helps us relax.


This tasty fruit has numerous health benefits and boosting our sleep quality is one of them. This is because almonds are packed with a hormone called melatonin that regulates our sleep cycle.


One study showed that people who ate two kiwis before bed eventually took less time to fall asleep and they also improved their sleep quality. Whether this is true or not, we’re sure that kiwi is extremely healthy and low-calorie fruit that contains many compounds that promote sleep.