Non Alcoholic Wine Water is Taking the World by Storm


If you’ve ever taken a sip of water and thought to yourself, “I wish this tasted like wine” – we’ve got some good news for you. Non-Alcoholic wine water is taking the world by storm thanks to one Israeli company that brought this product to the US.

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אנחנו‭ ‬גאים‭ ‬להציג‭ ‬את‭ ‬הפרוייקט‭ ‬האחרון‭ ‬שלנו‭ ‬O.Vine ‭-‬מים‭ ‬עם‭ ‬זיכרון‭ ‬של‭ ‬יין‭.‬ מי‭-‬היין‭ ‬הראשונים‭ ‬והיחידים‭ ‬מסוגם‭ ‬בעולם. מים‭ ‬מינרליים‭ ‬המכילים‭ ‬מרכיבים‭ ‬טבעיים‭ ‬של‭ ‬יין‭ ‬ואת‭ ‬הארומה‭ ‬העשירה‭ ‬שלו‭ -‬כמו‭ ‬גם‭ ‬את‭ ‬היתרונות‭ ‬הבריאותיים‭ ‬המפורסמים‭ ‬ונוגדי‭ ‬החימצון‭ ‬של‭ ‬הדבר‭ ‬האמיתי‭ -‬וכל‭ ‬זאת‭ ‬עם‭ ‬אפס‭ ‬אחוז‭ ‬אלכוהול‭.‬ O.Vine‭ ‬ הם‭ ‬מים‭ ‬מינרליים‭ ‬שנשאבו‭ ‬ראשית‭ ‬ממעיין‭ ‬אלוני‭ ‬הבשן‭ ‬הטהור‭, ‬ואז‭ ‬נחלטו‭ ‬בתהליך‭ ‬מיוחד‭ ‬עם‭ ‬תוצרי‭ ‬הגפנים‭ ‬של‭ ‬כרמי‭ ‬הרי‭ ‬הגליל‭ ‬היפהפיים‭.‬ באמצעות‭ ‬המחזור‭ ‬הייחודי‭ ‬של‭ ‬פחת‭ ‬קליפות‭ ‬הענבים‭ ‬מייצור‭ ‬היין‭,‬ מציג‭ ‬O.Vine‭ ‬סטנדרט‭ ‬חדש‭ ‬של‭ ‬קיימות‭ ‬ו‭-‬Innovation‭ -‬ תהליך‭ ‬החליטה‭ ‬מאפשר‭ ‬למצא‭ ‬את‭ ‬כל‭ ‬יתרונות‭ ‬הטעם‭ ‬והבריאות‭ ‬של‭ ‬המרכיבים‭ ‬עד‭ ‬תום‭.‬ המותג‭ ‬החדש‭ ‬יוצג‭ ‬ב- ‬fancy food show‭ ‬ בניו‭ ‬יורק‭ ‬בסוף‭ ‬החודש‭-‬ בהצלחה‭!‬ ✨

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Wine Water Ltd. first presented their signature product O.Vine in 2018, but it became a worldwide sensation after it made its way to Neiman Marcus stores in New York.

It’s a perfect beverage for everyone who’s not in the mood for alcohol but still wants to enjoy the essence of fine wine.

Anat Levi, CEO of Wine Water Ltd, describes O.Vine as refreshing, light and fruity, and says it was born out of her desire to create a beverage that tastes delicious but that also has a soul.

“O.Vine production process captures the taste, aroma, color and antioxidants hidden inside used wine grape skins and seeds that were formerly designated ‘wine waste.’ The result is a beverage unlike any other on the market; one that tastes great and that you can feel great about,” explains Levi in an official statement.

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