For centuries, the public has had a rather interesting relationship with the police. For one particular woman, her encounter with police officer Kevin Zimmerman left her in absolute shock when he did something completely unexpected.

Officer Pulls Over Woman To Give Ticket, Ends Up Doing This Instead After Learning The Truth

While most times police officers are synonymous with something bad happening – such as a break-in, a speeding ticket or an accident, they can also conjure feelings of safety and protection when they arrive in their branded uniform.

What started off as a bad encounter with an officer, turned out to be something completely different for Andrella Jackson of Milwaukee. 

1Kevin Zimmerman Strives To Be The Best Police Officer Possible

In the same way that you can have multiple personalities on a board of directors, a sports team or staff of teachers at a school, so can you have a mix of personalities working on a police force. However, all police officers have one thing in common – their purpose is to serve their state.

Kevin Zimmerman is a police officer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Every day, he wakes up, puts on his uniform with pride and heads off to work. But there’s something about Kevin that makes him incredibly special.