Aaah! Women and bags. They fit like caramel, and well, nuts– really! Ever before seen the lines at the money tills during a 75% sale on Black Friday at Macy’s? A lady’s bag is generally her most valued ownership, additionally due to the fact that it consists of the enigmas of her life (and some suspect also the cooking area sink!) Bags are not just style accessories. They are elevated to statements of design, taste and also character along withstanding as well as wealth. Allow’s take a look at several of one of the most expensive clutches, totes and other bags of all shapes and sizes– and also the outrageous price at which they come.

Fendi: B Bag– $27,700.

Fendi is just one of those developers who knows– really knows bags. In fact, having an initial Fendi bag is the dream of fashionistas all over the world. The Fendi B Bag continues to be a very popular version, despite the incredible price of $27,700. As you will certainly see from the other (pricier) entrances of this list, it turns out that the Fendi B Bag is actually rather a bargain, in terms of high-end designer bags! The bag is available in numerous styles, including white lambskin and also black crocodile.

Devi Kroell: Alligator Hobo– $28,990.

Completing an awesome $29,000, Kroell’s Alligator Hobo bag is rather useful as well as spacious– it fits the average laptop also! It features interior pockets for storing anything from pens to hundred dollar bills. Its semi-structured, soft triangular form provides it an extra special feeling, while its luscious gold color offers it that magnificent touch of prestige. The textured scales and their uniformity in dimension are credited to be the most costly elements of the bag.

Gucci: Crocodile Tote– $32,000.

Chipping in at $32,000 is an additional crocodile tote. This one hails from the layout residence of Gucci– perhaps the very popular Italian brand, in the world. With Gucci’s trademark advanced as well as sleek design, this bag is more of a classic work of art than your ordinary device. The elegance of the style and also the glossy crocodile skin create a fail-safe sell out, even at this tremendous cost!

Hermes: Colour block steed footwear bag– $35,000.

Hermes bags are fancied all over the world, from A-list stars to blue-blooded royalty.
This bag is specifically why color-blocking ended up being such a stylish pattern. Incorporating intense colors and also a traditional signature style bag is no mean accomplishment, but Hermes completes this effortlessly, through its Colour Block Steed Footwear Bag. It is rumored that when this bag was propounded public auction in Dallas, Texas, the starting quote was $7000. By the time the hammer decreased on the winning proposal, the cost had actually risen steeply to $35,000.

YSL: Cavity De Jour Alligator Natural Leather Bag– $36,600.

Another alligator bag rings it at number 17 on our checklist, this moment coming from the mammoth French developer home, which speaks of timeless beauty, class, taste as well as design, particularly Yves Saint Laurent. The all-time favorite black is the color picked for this organized as well as the traditional bag. The exotic element below is the alligator skin which beams through and boosts the bag in terms of style and also worth– going for an impressive $36,600.

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Marc Jacobs: Carolyn Crocodile Bag– $38,000.

Moving a little (yet only extremely somewhat) far from the product of previous entries in this list, is Marc Jacob’s Carolyn Bag– which is constructed of crocodile skin. Jacob-design followers don’t really mind the incredible price of this bag, as it turns out that regardless of costing $38,000 the bag is a large vendor for the developer brand name!

Fendi: Selleria Bag– $38,000.

Raking in a whopping EUR38,000 per piece, another Italian fashion house– Fendi– has actually created the Selleria Bag. The bag includes both sable and chinchilla skins, which are 2 of the rarest as well as the most costly skins offered on the marketplace. Its structured style is laid-back as well as not also tight as well as can be adjusted flexibly for both work and play– which is lucky, in view of the price tag!

Hilde Palladino: Gadino Bag– $38,470.

Norwegian designer, Hilde Palladino has actually developed this high-end bag made from crocodile leather. Yet this is not just another natural leather bag with a designer label splashed on it, to warrant the price. Upon closer evaluation, the bag discloses a total amount of 39 white rubies in holds, which are additionally made from white gold. This seems like good value for the $38,470 price tag that comes with this bejeweled carry!

Louis Vuitton: Patchwork Bag– $42,000.

In spite of not being Louis Vuitton’s the majority of the elegant bag the Jumble bag chooses a staggering $42,000– as well as surprisingly, it’s a large vendor for the French designer-brand! Actually, numerous bloggers and also fashionistas have classified this bag as the ugliest ever made, as well as honestly, we can not argue with that! The Jumble bag consists of a detailed collection of 14 various Louis Vuitton bags. The truth that this handmade bag is a limited version (with just 24 items made and sold out worldwide) likewise adds to the price. Beyonce is just one of the global VIPs who are deemed to be proud proprietors of this unique design.

Chanel: Croc Biarritz– $43,150.

Sold as Chanel’s city bag and also part of one of the world’s most preferred developer chain’s 2007 collection, the Croc Biarritz is currently sold out. Adding to its evanescent allure is additionally the fact that the bag was made in restricted edition! We question whether the style Empress, Coco Chanel herself, would have ever imagined that the style home which bears her name would certainly ever soar to such heights.

Louis Vuitton: New Age Traveller backpack– $54,500.

An additional uncommon Louis Vuitton designer bag, skyrockets to the eleventh place on our checklist. The Louis Vuitton New Age Visitor Knapsack is an unlike the classy, stream-lined and monogrammed signature totes of this sought-after brand. This ultra edgy bag (by typical LV requirements) sports various jacquard woven Monogrammed fabrics and also exotic skins, such as crocodile and snakeskin. The bag includes lots of ding suede natural leather tassels. Some consider this bag to be less than attractive as well as we really feel obliged to concur. Actually, one may be lured to pay the expensive fee of $54,500 simply to have this bag maintained away!

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The Row: Multicolored Prescription Pills– $55,000.

Some consider this bag to be fashionable art, others consider it to be nothing short of an eyesore. We are of the latter persuasion … The Row’s Multicolored Prescription Tablets bag was (fortunately) produced in a limited version of 12. The bag was created by acting twins stars (of Full House fame) and twins, Ashley and also Mary-Kate Olsen, along with Damien Hirst.
The black natural leather backpack was made from black crocodile skin and also embellished with multi-hued prescription tablets.

Judith Leiber: Leiber Valuable Rose Bag– $92,000.

Ringing in at number 9 on our list is this pretty rose-shaped handbag, designed by Judith Leiber. Made with a staggering 800 tourmalines, over one thousand sapphires and also another thousand rubies, this bag spells out jewelry! This is a distinct item– a-one-of-a-kind! Because of its originality and the number of precious stones it includes this bag is precious enough to call for the excessively high price of $92,000.

Hermes: Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag– $120,000.

The Hermes was made as a tribute to French actress Jane Birkin, who is likewise attributed as being the motivation of this charming, elegant bag. The Birkin Bag is structured and extremely ladylike, including a clasp which boasts an outstanding 10-carat weight of white diamonds. The bag is made from crocodile skin and also is often sported on the arms of A-list starlets, all over the world. The bag is instead exclusive and in spite of its price tag of $120,000 it remains significantly sought after.

Hermes Birkin: in Croc Porosus Lisse– $148,000.

One more Hermes bag in the top 10 of our list as well as there’s absolutely nothing uninteresting concerning this one. This 35cm structured bag was once more inspired by singer/songwriter Jane Birkin. However, this particular model is readily available just upon order. Making the bag a lot more precious is that 10 carats of sparkling rubies, encrusted in its white gold clasp. This luxurious must-have bag is had by stars of the quality of Victoria Beckham, Woman Gaga, Beyonce as well as (obviously) various Kardashians ladies.

Louis Vuitton: Urban Satchel– $150,000.

Looking even more like a bag restored from train wreckage (albeit a colorful one) is the 6th entry in our checklist with an additional Louis Vuitton bag. This design is far removed from the sophisticated equivalents generated by this world-renowned style tag, making it rather of an unanticipated surprise. The LV Urban Pouch bag has been hand-crafted with (apparently) carefully (otherwise tastefully) picked urban beauties, the similarity a water bottle, cigarette packs, tea bags, and sweet wrappers, no much less! Some people consider this art, however, its cost of $150,000 goes to reveal that there’s a great line between modern-day art and also good taste.

Lana Marks: Cleopatra Bag– $250,000.

A homage to one of the most famous Egyptian queen of perpetuity, the Cleopatra bag’s clasp features some 1,500 black and white rubies, prepared in 18-carat white gold. The main body of the bag is made of metal silver alligator skin. Adding to the bag’s already-considerable allure is the reality that Lana Marks just makes one ‘Cleopatra’ bag annually. The special glittering bag is possessed by the similarity Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu, and Oprah Winfrey. It was notoriously seen on the arm of Helen Mirren when she attended the 2007 Academy Awards, where she won the Oscar for Finest Actress.

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Chanel: Ruby Forever Classic Bag– $261,000.

Chanel knows taste, design as well as sophistication like few various other developer homes. With a staggering 334 rubies (completing 3.56-carat weights) set in 18-carat white gold, the Chanel Ruby Forever Standard Bag gladly weds 2 of females’ preferred style allies: diamonds and also bags. The bag, which boasts shoulder straps likewise made from white gold, was made by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel in 2007. With a minimal version of just 13 bags made in this appealing layout, the price is certainly high for this bag, which makes the top three of our list.

Hermes: Himalayan Crocodile Birkin bag– $432,000.

Another Birkin bag makes it to the second-runner up of our list. Created one-part Nile croc skin, one-part white gold, as well as one-part diamonds and wonderfully arises the Himalayan Crocodile Birkin Bag. Its glistening color evokes the mountains of the Mountain ranges and also takes hours to finish. Nevertheless, it’s all worth it evidently, as the particular color perfectly matches the bag’s 18-karat white gold hardware, which is studded with white rubies. Hermes, confess to having actually gone somewhat outrageous with the design of this mini bag. Developer Pierre Hardy is claimed to have actually spent 2 years on the design and also the development of this special bag. That’s a long period of time for minimal manufacturing of 3 devices.

Hermes: Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka– $1.9 million.

The initial runner-up on our list is (somewhat unsurprisingly) the Hermes Birkin Bag, designed by the uber-talented Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka. At a shocking price of almost $2 million, the bag is embedded in titanium and features over 2,000 rubies. The bedazzling bejeweled bands can be gotten rid of and also used as a bracelet or a pendant. The bags additionally integrates a centerpiece 8-carat weight pear-shaped ruby, which can be worn individually.

Mouawad: 10001 Night Diamond Purse– $3.8 million.

This is THE most expensive bag worldwide. And we’re not the just one stating it– the Guinness Book of Globe Records has accredited Mouawad’s 1001 Night Ruby bag as one of the most expensive handbags on the planet. This special masterpiece is the work of 10 expert craftsmen who together took some 8,800 hours to finish. Hammered from 18-carat gold, this heart-shaped purse features no less than 56 pink rubies, 105 yellow diamonds, and an incredible 4,356 colorless rubies. In all, this totals 381.92 carats. All this jewelry goes some means towards explaining the eye-watering price. The jewelry itself is likewise clarified by the fact that Mouawad is a multinational wristwatch as well as fashion jewelry as well as with this piece has actually dropped in the history of bags.