Between his wild Twitter antics and even wilder political scandals, President Donald Trump is always full of surprises. However, the biggest surprises may be happening behind closed doors with his marriage.

Donald and Melania Trump have one of the most unpredictable marriages in the history of the presidency. And rumors runs rampant that the Trumps have a marriage of convenience. Here are the eight most surprising facts about Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage.

1Melania Basically Raises Their Son Alone

Many people wonder how the president can juggle running the country with running his family. How does he find the time to raise a son amid all of his duties? As it turns out, Melania may be basically raising their son Barron Trump alone.

In a recent press conference about vaping, Trump mentioned Barron in the most peculiar way. He mentioned Melania’s involvement in the anti-vaping movement by saying, “That’s how the first lady got involved. She’s got a son.”

Quickly catching his blunder, Trump added the word “together” to his statement. However, the damage was done. This led to speculation that Trump sees Barron as Melania’s responsibility rather than a child they are raising together.