All-White Creature Identified as Rare Albino Porcupine

All-White Creature Identified as Rare Albino Porcupine

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine—A curious visitor to a Maine train museum that resembled a white throw pillow or perhaps a lost toupee turned out to be a rare albino porcupine.

The young rodent turned up on July 16 at Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, perplexing the staff, who sought help identifying it via social media. The consensus was it’s an albino porcupine.

The Portland Press Herald reports the animal appeared to be a baby because its quills had not yet hardened. A spokeswoman for the museum said midday Wednesday that it hadn’t yet been seen again, but it was assumed to be lurking in the area.

Porcupines are common in Maine, though albino ones certainly aren’t. About one of every 10,000 of the species is an albino porcupine.

Rare Albino Alligator Dies at South Carolina Aquarium

In another albino animal story this week, an extremely rare albino alligator that lived at the South Carolina Aquarium has died.

The aquarium posted on its Facebook page that the 22-year-old alligator named Alabaster had passed away Friday morning. He had lived at the aquarium in Charleston since 2009.

South Carolina Aquarium spokeswoman Caroline Morris told The Post and Courier that Alabaster was believed to be one of about 50 albino gators in the world.

Staff at the aquarium said they noticed Alabaster showing signs of infection last week. The statement says workers began treating the gator and officials sought advice from other experts around the country.

South Carolina Aquarium President and CEO Kevin Mills said Alabaster served as an ambassador for his species and “captivated the hearts of staff and guests alike.”

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