Breaking up is hard to do unless it’s with a car, truck or SUV that doesn’t live up to expectations. Whether its buyer’s remorse, high ownership costs, reliability issues or maybe the reality it just didn’t live up to the hype, a surprising amount of new car buyers part ways with their purchase within the first year of ownership. Econo-boxes aren’t exclusive to this list and high-end European marques hold a large number of spots, meaning that luxury may have its limits. Here are cars, trucks, and SUVs that people trade-in or sell before their first year of ownership is complete.

This perennial favorite of enthusiasts and journalists has a surprisingly high return rate despite being one of the most reliable and coveted cars on the market.

2BMW 3-Series

BMW’s 3-Series have always been the benchmark for sports sedans. The Bavarian company’s smooth and powerful six-cylinder engines and a well-tuned, balanced chassis have made the 3-Series the choice for drivers who want luxury, power, and handling.

It’s a car that other manufacturers continually measure their own models against, and for good reason, the 3-Series is a fantastic driving car that expertly mixes canyon-carving ability with everyday practicality. However, not all that glitters is gold, and the 3-Series suffers from high maintenance costs. 11.8% of buyers sent the mid-size Bimmer packing within the first year of ownership.

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