As a full-time college student with two part-time jobs during the recession, Shannon Ihrke felt that her future was hopeless. Looking for a way out of unpayable debt, Ihrke was driven to the U.S. Marine Corps. Many doubted that the blonde bombshell would even make it out of boot camp, but that only pushed Ihrke to prove them all wrong. After climbing the ranks and becoming “one of the guys,” Ihrke left the Marines and did something no one could believe.

Before it all happened, Ihrke had a revelation that would change the course of her life…

1From A Small Town In Minnesota

Shannon Ihrke grew up in a small town called Walker, in the northern part of central Minnesota. Growing up around nature, Ihrke spent her childhood horseback riding, fishing, hunting, and boating, all the while gaining skills very few girls her age had.

With know-how like this, it was easy for her to become “one of the guys.” Little did she know, these skills would come in handy one day in ways she couldn’t possibly imagine.