People make mistakes at work, there’s no way around it. Usually, the mistake is corrected, and people go on with their day. However, sometimes, there are mistakes that are so bad they’re impossible to ignore or forget about. Usually, these mistakes are made by workers who clearly don’t care about their jobs and are looking to get fired. Check out these careless workers that have either already put in their two weeks or are just looking to cause problems.

One news writer looks like he was trying to start a war.

2Nice To Meet You, Name Here

Photo Credit: KNODY

For all we know, this could have been this man’s big moment on TV. He probably raced home to watch and record it, only to discover that they forgot to add his name.

We’re sure that other people that saw this were equally baffled that a news station could be so careless as to forget to add someone’s name on the screen. If the person whose mistake this is got fired, we wonder if the boss wrote “Name Here” on their final check.