Some people may wonder what is so unique regarding WWE that it has such a massive following. For the fans, there is a simple solution to the concern. It is not just about battling or about athletes displaying their remarkable physical fitness levels. There are so many layers to it, including storylines, heroes as well as bad guys, enigma and so forth and so forth. It is generally a story being informed in a ring as opposed to in a theater. People have contrasted WWE to a daytime soap in the past, and also we might need to settle on that a person. It has been and will probably remain prominent as time goes by, and that is the reason we have determined to put together a list of professional wrestlers and their total assets and also what they depend on now. From those still in the business to those that have retired, or sadly passed away. Plan for some huge numbers.


Fred Ottman or Tugboat or perhaps Hurricane had both his labels spot on. He was an outright beat as well as went to one point an ally of Hunk Hogan. He later formed as well as belonged to a group The Natural Calamities (and thus became Tropical storm).

At 61 years of age, he is currently gladly delighting in retirement. He gave up battling completely back in 2001 and also actually embarked on a rather regular task of a safety supervisor in Lakeland Florida. He is additionally an instructor for 2 little league groups where his 2 children dip into. His total assets are unknown at this point, however, we are more than certain that with a successful fumbling career and a secure “normal” job, Fred is doing just great.