For Meghan Markle, the sky is the limit. She was a TV star and highly successful blogger before she landed the greatest gig of all: becoming royalty!

As the Duchess of Sussex, she makes a splash wherever she goes. That’s due in large part to her impeccable fashion sense. In fact, here are some of her best and most iconic looks!

1Garden Party

According to her fans, Meghan Markle may just be the “greatest of all time.” During her first garden party as a newlywed, she decided to make that official with an awesome fashion statement.

You can see the Duchess sporting a cream Flavia dress by the British label GOAT. Combined with a hat tilted at a rakish angle, her look mixes royalty and runway.

If you’re hoping to steal this look, don’t bother: Goat actually custom-made the dress for this special occasion!