Looks fade but diamonds and money last forever. This is the mantra that these filthy rich families clearly follow. The top 10 richest families have a shockingly substantial collective income of a whopping 3.4 trillion dollars. Which is similar to the entire GDP of Germany, the UK and France.

Let’s count down the world’s top 10 wealthiest families.

9The Brin Family, From the United States: Estimated Wealth: 51.1 Billion Dollars

Sergey Green, the online tech mogul and co-founder of companies like Google and Larry page has grown into extreme wealth with his total economic value placed at 50+ billion dollars. He currently holds the position of president at the search engines parent company Alphabet Inc.

Brin’s wealth is shared between his two children and he was recently divorced from his ex-wife Anne Wrojicicki who is wealthy in her own right with an estimated value of 480 million dollars.