Meet Katie Smith, your average mid-twenty-year-old girl. Well, if you consider this circumstance standard. When Ms. Smith was simply 24 years old something beginning unbelievable started growing within her as well as doctors could not identify what it was.

The Beginning

Katie’s stomach increased so large and so quickly that she appeared expecting! The unusual part, she wasn’t expectant in all. Every pregnancy examination that she took said unfavorable however her medical professionals remained to dismiss her overwhelming issues.

Her Story

Smith is 28 years of age and from Swansea in Wales. Back in 2014, she started putting on weight, and within just a couple of years, she looked like someone 9 months expectant. She informed BBC that she never ever was very skinny, however gradually she established a stomach similar to this

Healthy Lifestyle

Katie lived a healthy and balanced life and was very mindful of keeping her figure. She loved her curves as well as spent a lot of time at the fitness center. This is why her dynamic weight gain was so shocking. Unfortunately, the secret was left unsolved.

Not As It Seems

At this time Katie believed her largest issue was whether she would certainly be able to go to work Xmas celebration since she felt insecure in her attire. At this time, Katie felt she was not slim sufficient.

Too Fast To Keep Up With

Katie tried whatever however her stomach would not stop expanding. As she stated I was working out as well as consuming healthily however I was gradually growing. There’s absolutely nothing worse than keeping a healthy way of life yet still getting an extreme amount of weight.

What Was Going On?

It approached so gradually that I really did not understand anything was wrong– I believed I was placing on wood.” No matter how much she worked out or kept a stringent diet, she was still gaining a substantial quantity of weight.

Not Just Growing

Now, she couldn’t neglect her excessive weight gain. She began to notice that all the weight she was gaining was going straight to her stomach, as well as it really felt various also. How would she proceed?

Staying Hopeful

Her tummy began to feel difficult and also unpleasant to touch. Nevertheless, she remained positive and also was hopeful that this would go away with time … yet some points do not constantly work out the means we desire.

There’s Only One Explanation

Her gown size was boosting at a quick speed and she was currently a dimension eight. But still, she was as well afraid to see a medical professional. She grew up with her father as a doctor and this made her a bit apprehensive.

Her Gut Feeling

Little did she know that bigger problems were coming close to. At this point, Katie can only think of one explanation. She wasn’t sure she wished to think it, nonetheless. What has she believed it was?

With Child

When taking into consideration all the components Katie chose there was only one possible reasoning for this, and that was pregnancy. Her stubborn belly was expanding and she was putting on weight, she was always tired, and also had a serious guy.

Unplanned Pregnancy

When considering all the variables, all things indicated a bun in the stove! This possibility made Katie and also her partner nervous. If she was pregnant, then it was definitely unexpected. However, given her scenario, this was a possibility.

Soon To Be Parents

Katie as well as her guy Jamie Gibbons had been together for one decade already and also they did think about the possibility that she was expectant. Although they weren’t prepared for it, they recognized they needed a minimum of a check.

The Blue Stripe

When the pair saw that the maternity examination was negative, they were both surprised. They figured the test was wrong, so she instantly took a second one. Yet it only revealed the same result once again!

Getting Really Worried

They marveled and decided it was time to see a physician. What exactly was going on below? Was she sick? Did she have a losing the unborn baby? A million dreaded points were standing out into her head and also really terrifying her.

Facing Her Fears

Katie had no alternatives left and also it was time to finally see a doctor. Regrettably, she did not receive the solution she was expecting or expecting. The physician just informed her that she was “just fat.” At that moment, she saw no chance out.

Following Her Instincts

Although the physicians dismissed her concerns, Katie felt something was wrong. She overlooked it though because it didn’t impact her everyday regimen. Still, she couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

Not Trustworthy

She couldn’t stop questioning why she had not been expecting. It appeared she was pregnant, so what was the bargain? She didn’t totally rely on the medical professionals as well as their thoughts. Yet, they were experts so she should trust them, right?

No Solution

If she were pregnant, at least the trouble would certainly go away once she gave birth. Regrettably, her stomach proceeded to grow for a full two years. On a monthly basis, it just kept obtaining larger as well as larger until something terrible occurred at the office.

She Didn’t Feel Well

It was simply a regular day on the job when all of a sudden Katie felt light-headed as well as upset. That’s when she fell down. She was told by her coworkers that she had collapsed.

A Difficult Period

After this, Katie understood she needed to see a medical professional today. She claimed, “It was a challenging duration in a job as well as when I passed out my General Practitioner put it down to anxiety.” She had nothing else explanation and also just had to proceed with her life like she was living it before.

All From Stress?

Is it possible to pass out simply from being too stressed out? Katie had not been also persuaded. However her medical professional tried to assure her that absolutely nothing major was going on, which she definitely wasn’t expecting.

Not What It Appears

It was impossible to avoid undesirable questions concerning her “maternity.” Individuals observed her growing stomach and there was no trying to disregard it. She had to discuss herself repetitively.

No End In Sight

Katie constantly addressed with the same reaction day in and day out,” The medical professionals state I am just overweight.” Although she was irritated with the scenario, she also saw no end approaching.

Due Date

She claimed people were always asking her when the infant was due, and after a while, she began to exist to save them the embarrassment. So rather she just told them she is overweight because this is what she believed.

Changing Appearance

Katie was swaying around with a gigantic tummy and also she started to feel embarrassed about her appearance. She even started to go shopping in the pregnancy section since absolutely nothing fit her.

Maternity Clothes

“I keep in mind trying to buy garments in December 2016 and nothing would certainly fit. I was skin as well as bone on top, after that this large swelling and also typical legs. The only point that was most likely to fit was maternity clothes.”

Needs Help

Katie was stubborn concerning getting help. Only after a number of power outages at the office, difficulties breathing, and also too much weight gain that hindered her life, did she seek support.

Seeking Assistance

And this still wouldn’t have occurred if it weren’t for her colleagues who urged she get checked out. Many individuals ask yourself why Katie really did not take care of herself much more. Something was plainly off, so why was it taking her as long to seek aid?

A New Explanation

Katie was setting about her life trying to avoid her scenario. But enough was enough when she passed out 4 times! This time around the medical professional reasoned her fatigue by blaming her acne medicine but she contradicted this feedback.

Time To Stand Up

It seemed like the doctors weren’t taking her symptoms or scenario seriously. They continued to condemn various other reasons as well as things taking place in Katie’s life. She decided it was finally time to place her foot down.

Enough Was Enough

She had actually quit taking it for numerous months prior to and firmly insisted there had to be an additional explanation. She spoke with a second medical professional that likewise said she had to be expectant. He did countless blood tests that all returned with no outcomes.

Getting To The Bottom Of It

Her GP ended that the only explanation was maternity, despite the blood examination outcomes and no additional assessment. So, he ordered a second ultrasound. At this moment even strolling was a difficult task for Katie as well as she was having problem breathing.

The Truth At Last

The doctor that saw her requested that they promptly inspect if she was expectant. Was she finally going to obtain to the base of this? Well, it absolutely opened up an entirely brand-new can of worms that she was not anticipating.


Katie watched the physician as she did the ultrasound. When she saw her expression it was clear something was incorrect. Her eyes were bigger and she had a look of worry come over her.

Consoling Katie

The doctor asked for a specialist as well as Katie came to be paralyzed. Her guy Jamie tried to console her yet there was no stopping the panic she felt then. What was truly going on within her belly?

Not Pregnant

The ultrasound screen was empty, and it was clear that Katie was not expectant. Nonetheless, there was something still taking place inside her belly. All they understood without a doubt was that her life was at risk.


Surprising News

The opportunities were limitless, regardless they needed a CT to find out. Katie was naturally afraid and also incredibly fretted wherefore was ahead. Her mind went to a number of possibilities.

Emergency CT

The blank ultrasound resulted in a prompt request for a CT check that exposed astonishing news. The medical professionals prepared Katie for what they will inform her. Katie, as well as her boyfriend, sat hand in hand waiting for the big information.

Definitely Not Pregnant

Katie absolutely had not been pregnant. The reason for her big belly was really the outcome of a massive ovarian mass. Now, Katie’s universe came crashing down, as the physician might not validate specifically what he was dealing with.

To The Skin

It had not been your typical cyst and also was 24 centimeters thick and connected to her belly. This finally explained her putting on weight, yet her life stayed at risk. Measures had to be taken instantly.

What Exactly Is An Ovarian Cyst?

Essentially a cyst is a fluid-filled sac that can create on a woman’s ovary. They are incredibly common as well as typically don’t create injury, and most often disappear on their own. Yet, except Katie.

Oddly Large.

The only situations where a cyst can hinder an individual’s life is when it fractures, blocks the blood supply to the ovaries, or in this case, is very large. Katie’s was really large, no … extremely large!

Exploring Her Options

One month later, Katie was talking to a professional that looked at the alternatives available for her. The photo of the consultant’s face is still instilled in her mind. He was in utter shock at her stubborn belly.

Complete Shock

Although he smoothly explained to her that she had a huge ovarian mass, his face exposed the reality. He was completely shocked. Nobody can have expected the dimension of the cyst, also the specialist.

That’s Not All

The medical professional claimed it was feasible that there were several cysts, which they could be attached to organs. Katie couldn’t believe it, and also yet, she recognized that at this point the only choice was surgical treatment.

The Effects

Although they had actually eliminated the other explanations, they still were unclear the effect the cyst carried her body. She most definitely had side effects, and of course, they had absolutely nothing to do with being pregnant.

You’re Fine

Although the doctor was not sure of what/how huge the cyst was, he chose that there was something that had to be done. He could not think all of Katie’s other physicians had actually transformed her away with a “you’re fine” response.

One Thing For Certain

One thing her medical professional was particular of was that she would certainly lose one ovary. Additionally, depending on the location of the cyst, she may be hospitalized for longer. Katie seemed like she was signing her life away.


Katie’s mommy lives in Australia so she chose not to inform her regarding this whole situation, not to worry her. Yet because the enigma was finally resolved, she felt it was time to allow the family members to understand.

All Alone

At this moment, it was excessive for her to undergo this alone so she called her mother as well as her siblings to be by her side. Katie had actually fought alone for most of this clinical situation, however, she felt it sufficed.

Ready To Go

Within two days her mother got here, however, however, her dad had to remain back in Australia. Despite the time distinction, he was always just a call away. She had all the support she required as well as was ready for the distressing day.

Going Under

The doctor educated Katie that in 4 weeks’ time she would be established for surgery. The time ultimately showed up and Katie was ready for surgery. In the brief time in between her first assessment as well as surgical treatment, her stomach expanded one more five inches.

Emergency Surgery

The high-risk obstetrics professional she was described stated surgical procedure was a has to which he was going to reduce her open from her upper body bone to her pelvic bone, like an old fashion C-section. Those were some comforting words!

March 9th, 2017

The day lastly can be found in a blink of an eye. Katie was handed a surgical treatment gown and a set of socks. She placed them on as well as was taken by the registered nurse. Her body was paralyzed understanding that at any type of min a giant needle would certainly be stabbed into her body.

Extra Help

Katie was so anxious and difficult that she needed to be held back by 2 registered nurses. She wouldn’t stop relocating and also they required to put the needle inside her. She states she really seemed like she was dying.

And Also The Wait Continues

The medical professionals expected the surgery would only take an hr or so. Yet it took 5! Her household patiently awaited completion, being afraid of Katie’s life. However, the doctors managed to eliminate the cyst.

Back To Normal

The cyst was huge, but the weight blew every person away. Ultimately, this ginormous point was removed from Katie’s body. She could not wait to be back to her regular self again!

Minutes To Hours

She was extremely terrified yet understood this was the means to get back to her old life. The surgery was supposed to last 90 minutes, yet hrs went by before she was finished. Her family and friends waited in angst.

How Big?

The cyst came out to 60 pounds! If you fight with recognizing how much 60 pounds is, after that it’s equivalent to seven babies! Katie woke from surgery surrounded by the health center team showing her images of what was inside her for numerous months.

Treated Like A Celebrity

Katie was overwhelmed and confused when she awakened from the surgical procedure. “I bear in mind still being dazed from the anesthetic as they rolled me back to the ward and fired up healthcare facility personnel was pushing pictures before me,” stated Katie.

After Surgery

The cyst made up one-third of Katie’s body weight as well as she started to realize the impact it had on her life. She couldn’t do things that were when so regular for her. It was an actual worry on her life.

Losing The Cyst

As soon as she was lacking this excess weight she observed that it was facilitating tasks in her life seem tough, like driving an auto or strolling upstairs. Shedding this cyst essentially brought her back to life.


She was in utter shock that she was carrying a lot of weight around! After seeing the pictures she said that “It looked like an enormous stack of gelato so I called it Mr. Whippy!”.

Medical Mystery

The doctors were surprised by the size of Katie’s cyst. She was a true clinical sensation! She along with the entire clinical team might not think what was living inside her for so long.

Back Home

Katie was released 4 days later on and had the support of her mom and boyfriend. Although she was fearing this process, the after result made it all worthwhile. Smith does not even bear in mind life without an additional 60 kg!

Her Reminder

Katie has a 30- centimeter mark that prolongs her sternum to her hips from the surgery. Not long after the procedure, she was currently able to walk around conveniently. She couldn’t wait to begin her brand-new life with all the changes it brought. One disadvantage of the surgical treatment was that Katie shed her right ovary, however, the medical professionals informed her that this would not impact her having children.

Body Adjustments

Apart from her scar, Katie’s tummy is additionally covered in stretch marks, which are everyday reminders of this experience. Regardless, Katie chooses the stretch marks to a 60-pound lump expanding in her belly.

A New Katie

Katie’s family pertained to visit her soon after the surgery and also they were shocked to see her new appearance. She was so thin, primarily half the woman she was prior to the surgical procedure! Katie was so happy to be back to herself.

Smooth Sailing

Katie remembers on her healing and also claims it has actually been basically smooth sailing, with some hiccups along the way. She says that her health is most definitely better than last year, both literally and mentally.

Saying Thanks

She has actually distinguished her family, buddies, and also coworkers to say thank you for all their assistance during her recovery. Katie claims she doesn’t believe she could have done this without them and also informs herself exactly how fortunate she is on a daily basis for her assistance network.


A year ago, Katie would never ever have actually shared her story. Nevertheless, since then she has actually only grown extra comfy in her body. She is currently sharing her story and also is a real motivation to us all!

There’s Hope.

Despite going through this tough experience and the pointer from her scar and stretch marks, Smith lastly has her life back as well as has actually been reassured she will still have the ability to have kids without her ideal ovary. She is so grateful for her cosmetic surgeon.