There are two types of drivers in the world — those that understand that things won’t always go their way, and those that are likely to freak out over the most minor of inconveniences. While the more relaxed driver might mutter under their breath at someone’s horrid parking job, they’re likely to forget about it and go about their day. On the other hand, the second kind of driver might be more inclined to leave a passive-aggressive note on someone’s windshield. Now, take a look at some of the hilarious notes that people have left on cars and pray you don’t get one yourself.

Getting Political

It’s all fun and games until somebody brings politics into the argument. This person must have really been angry at this driver’s parking spot. Not only did they accuse them of being “slow,” but they even assumed the political party that they might support.

What would have made this note even funnier is if the person that parked the car was actually a democrat? We also aren’t sure if that note is supposed to be in all capital letters to make a point or if that’s just how they write.

We’re All People Here

Sometimes, all you need is a non-threatening note in order to get your point across. The person that wrote this note just thought they’d let this driver know that they were seriously inconvenienced by their park job.

We’re going to assume that this note was written somewhere outside of the United States. This is so since most people in America would most likely have replaced the word “bloody” with a much more vulgar word.

Meet Spot

This person must have parked their car extremely poorly and left it for a long time. At least long enough for someone to type this letter up and even add a picture. It’s probably good that they do this because the note would be a lot less effective if the dog was a really poorly drawn dog.

You must know how bad you messed up if somebody put in the effort to go onto their computer and print something out.

Even Grumpy Cat Is Mad At You

This person decided to put their artistic skills to use in order to let this person know how mad they are. While they might think that they really got their point across, this note might make most people crack a smile for its originality, and who doesn’t like Grumpy Cat?

If I found this on my windshield I might even end up framing it and putting in on the wall because it’s just that funny.

Always Be Prepared

Once again, it looks like there’s another person that carries around parking notes like business cards. Chances are, they have a variety of different cards for a number of different situations. Nobody is this prepared to get annoyed at people.

That being said, we appreciate the time and effort that went into this note with the different fonts and colors being used. All we know is that we would never want to get on this person’s bad side.

All That Work For Nothing

If you live in a place where you have to shovel snow in order to park, taking a spot that was shoveled by someone else is a big mistake. Nobody wants to shovel snow. It’s hard work being so cold and wet when all you want to do is go inside.

Coming home to see someone riding on the coattails would be nothing short of infuriating. However, chances are, this person knew what they were doing wrong, they just chose to do it anyway.

Drawing The Line

This person’s park job is truly amazing. They must have been intoxicated or something because it’s unbelievable that someone really cares this little. The car is literally straddling two parking spots so they’re not just inconveniencing one but two people.

Luckily, it looks like someone had some chalk on hand a decided to draw a little diagram from the driver. Now, the next time this lunatic needs to park, they have their own personal spot just for them.

Oh Jack, No

Hitting someone’s car and not leaving your information is way worse than someone that takes up two parking spots, or even ten for that matter. It’s your duty as a driver to own up for your mistakes and suffer the consequences.

While everyone thought that Jack was doing the wrong thing, he was really just covering for himself. Seeing this on your windshield would ruin anyone’s best days. Jack will get what he deserves soon enough.

Step-By-Step Instructions

That must be quite frustrating to come home and not be able to pull into your own driveway. Clearly, it was annoying enough to this person that they took the time to draw out a diagram and step-by-step instructions about how to park along the curb.

They even threw in a little pro tip on how to take a shower, just in case the person didn’t know how to properly do that either.

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Not The Potato Clan!

This person went so far as to even make some potato sculptures to show how annoyed they are. This is definitely a unique note to let this person know that they did something wrong.

We feel that it must have been pretty effective because who would want to do this again if the person was actually nice about their complaint? Then again, it might be interesting to see what they mean when they threaten to “bring out the produce.”

Coming up: we hope this person’s note worked out for them!

Movie References For The Win

If you were unaware, this note is referencing the comedy movie Office Space, with this particular scene becoming a viral meme on the Internet. Most people would probably get the reference, but it would sure be confusing if the person that parked their car didn’t.

Even though it’s just a stick figure drawing, we have to commend the artist for their work — it’s pretty impressive and definitely gets the point across. We wonder if they reference movies on all the notes they leave people.

Laying It All Out

This annoyed neighbor laid out the whole situation for this person who apparently doesn’t know how to park a car. There is very little animosity in the note and instead explains exactly what the situation is and how it needs to be fixed.

This person seems pretty selfless and is more concerned with the person has to park next to them than themselves. Also, their illustration is impressively detailed, hopefully enough so the person doesn’t do it again.

Duty Calls

When you’re in a tight situation like this person, there’s no time to find somewhere to park or put quarters into a machine, you’re in a race against time. Your best bet is to just write a note real quick and pray that you don’t get a ticket.

If a police officer ended up giving them a ticket that’s a cold move on their part. Since when is it a crime to run to the bathroom for fear of spoiling yourself?

The Recognition They Deserve

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as giving someone a certificate of congratulations for being terrible at something. Although the note is meant to be ironic, it’s not unreasonable to think that some people might be proud of themselves for achieving this level of success for pissing people off.

If their car has been there for more than a month, chances are they truly don’t care who they are inconveniencing and might take this certificate as a compliment.

Parking Blind

Sometimes a windshield note can be just as offensive as the parking job it’s addressing. This person wasn’t impressed by someone’s parking job, and compared them to Stevie Wonder. Wonder might be blind, we’d bet even he could park better than this person.

Still, it takes a pretty insensitive person to come up with this note. We get the message they’re trying to send, but don’t they know it’s 2018, not 1998? Would call this tasteless or hilarious?

That’s A Paddlin’

We love this throwback to a classic Simpsons joke. Speaking of growing up, the old man just remarked about how everything he did result in a “paddlin’” Now this poor driver has been put on notice.

It’s not nice to park in someone else’s spot. They’re marked for a reason. Let this be a hilarious lesson to anyone who has ever committed this heinous crime. For the sake of the sanity of those around you, please don’t.

Another Natural Disaster

This person’s parking is reminiscent of a natural disaster. If we got this card in our car, we’d be laughing and horrified all at the same time! At this point, you can no longer say “too soon” to Katrina jokes.

They’re insensitive for sure, but so are most things in this world if you want to analyze it. Let’s just hope this person begins parking better. Eventually, it will be too soon and all the laughs will stop.

Take The Bus

Really, more people should be willing to take public transportation anyways. This card makes an interesting proposal about people who are incompetent parkers. Maybe they should be forced to take public transportation. We can’t say we disagree.

Also, where can we buy a set of these cards ourselves? This a great passive-aggressive way to let someone know they need to be more considerate. We’d love to be passive-aggressive with a set ourselves. Would you use these?

That Smiley Face Though

If there was an award for the most passive-aggressive individual on the planet it would very, very likely be the writer of this note. If you’re trying to up the level of pettiness in your life, listen up.

The writer starts their argument with a fact — the owner of the vehicle parked in his or her parking spot. All is fine and dandy until the writer segues into the light threat that they’ve recorded the driver’s license plate. Then things take a turn for the worse as they detail what is in store if this happens again (hint: lots and lots of Vaseline). Signing off with a smiley face is the cherry on top of the passive-aggressive cake.

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Bad Job

That’s harsh. We would never wish for someone to be unborn. Then again, we’re not passive-aggressive people, we just love laughing with them. How badly did this car park though? How come none of these pictures shows the actual parking job?

Well, some of them do. The rest were left to use our imagination to figure out how someone felt so slighted they needed to do something about it. We’ve only ever dreamed of doing the things some of the upset neighbors have!

The World’s Worst Prize

Achievement unlocked? For being the most inconsiderate parker in the neighborhood, this person won an award! That’s pretty amazing. We hope they prepared a speech! This note is great, and the person who left their car there for so long should be ashamed.

It only makes us more upset that they used a small car. It’s EASIER to park a small car correctly. You almost need to try to park poorly in a small car! Achievement definitely unlocked…

An Afternoon Snack

Although we can’t fully decipher what the second note says, it’s safe to say that the one written in peanut butter definitely sends a message. We wonder what this person did in order to deserve two separate notes and also how they drove their car with all of that peanut butter blocking their view.

The people that came up with this diabolical idea might have wanted to think it through because the car is probably going to be there longer now that the driver has to clean it off before they can drive.

They Paid The Price

If this note doesn’t want to make you be more careful about how you park your car, then nothing will. Another driver accidentally hit their car and ended up scratching it too while they were trying to make it better.

However, they did not leave their information because apparently, the other driver had taken up two spaces when he parked. This is by far one of the most passive-aggressive notes that we’ve seen yet and we’d even go so far as to say it’s way over the line.

Save It For The Track

Apparently, this person’s neighbor likes to rev their engine early in the morning, waking up the entire morning in the process. We’re not sure if they’re trying to be cool or if they think that it will warm up their engine or interior of the car.

What we are sure of is that the whole neighborhood is not happy with this person, and for good reason. At the end of the day, it looks like the people that wrote this note just want to keep them in the racing game.

Passing The Buck

Wow, this person was not playing around when they wrote this letter. We’re not sure why they didn’t just find another parking spot, but that’s none of our business. While the parked person’s car might have received some damage it might be best to just leave it alone rather than give this person a call.

Not only will they make you pay for all of the damage but they will probably do something a lot worse to you based on their attitude.

Autobots Rollout!

You know you need to go back to parking school when Optimus Prime disapproves of your skills. As a big rig turned robot fighting for humans, he sees this person as more a danger than Megatron.

Hopefully, this person realizes how much they upset Optimus Prime and have never parked poorly since. The last thing anyone wants is for the entire team of Autobots to have to come back and dispense some parking justice. Actually, we’d pay to see that movie.

Wrong Neighborhood

This note is fully justified until the end. The person has been very understanding with this unknown car. Did you know that by law a car can’t be parked in the same spot for 72 hours?

Don’t quote us on that, but this person is more than in the right to let the rude parker know. Especially when the person doesn’t even live in the same neighborhood. Now, thanks to some passive-aggressive underlining, this person will never come back.

Just The Basics

One of the first things everyone learns as a young driver is how to park. It’s one of the most simple and basic skills you need to master to drive. This person needs to back to school.

Maybe they didn’t see that they were blocking a driveway. Maybe it was too dark. Maybe they didn’t care. Let’s start a GoFundMe to send them back to school so they can get the education they are sorely lacking.

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Crash And Burn

Parking spaces are marked for a reason. If you choose to take two spaces when all you need is one, you deserve all the bad things coming your way. Whoever took up multiple spaces has karma coming.

We imagine the person who wrote this note has bad luck trying to park. You’d be amazed at how many people ignore the parking space lines. The person who wrote this note is no longer surprised. They have decided to take action, and we thank them for that.

Let It Go

At least this person knows they weren’t parked legally. Chances are they left their car somewhere too long in the winter. Then the door froze and they couldn’t do anything.

We give them credit for knowing a ticket was coming, though. Too bad this parking officer wasn’t feeling very sympathetic. To be honest, we’re not either. We’re laughing because there are plenty of ways to unfreeze your door in winter! There are even ways to keep your door from freezing in the first place.

Reality Check

This is proof that just because you have money, the world doesn’t always need to cater to you. Disabled spaces exist for a reason, and now this BMW owner knows that reason.

It’s not fair to ask this person’s grandmother to walk certain lengths to visit her grandchildren. We’re “so sorry” that this BMW driver would rather park inconveniently so they don’t have to walk too far. Honestly, this not could have been much, instead, it was just a reality check.

How Rude!

It’s a trend! We know this isn’t the first note like this on this list, and we can’t believe how many people have pulled this trick. Are people really that scared about their insurance going up?

Better question; are there really that many people in this world driving without insurance? That just seems silly to us. Who knew the world was so full of so many inconsiderate people. Our eyes have been opened. We’re never going outside again!

Color The Turtle

We can’t stop laughing at this note. As we’ve already said, parking in the lines is basic driving. Coloring in the lines is basic for a three-year-old. It only makes sense this person should start back at the beginning.

Also, look at that turtle. This person has left this note before. They probably have a ton waiting in the car just for this opportunity. We’re going to start doing the same thing. It’s one of the best notes we’ve seen.

An Idle Threat

Who hasn’t dreamed of this? Someone must have missed an important meeting to leave this note. They also must drive a pretty big car to be able to make this threat. Most people would just call a tow truck and have the offender impounded.

Not this person. They want whoever is blocking their driver to learn a lesson, not take a minor hit to their checking account. This would be a major hit, and we’d pay to watch it happen!


Someone is trying to be really hip with this passive-aggressive note. Facebook refused to install a dislike button, so they made their own and they’re using it to “dislike” people who can’t park.

There’s more to this “dislike” too that we can’t show you. It’s very not safe for work. Trust us, though, it gets the message across. We wonder what social media trend is next for passive-aggressive notes. We’ll have to look at the comments section for inspiration.

A Loud Problem

This note is all too relatable. At some point in our lives, we’ve all lived near someone who’s car or motorcycle is so loud they set off all the other car alarms on the street.

When the alarms are because of a car, that car usually needs to be fixed. The person who owns the car probably knows it needs to be fixed, they’ve just been too lazy to do anything about it. Maybe now they’ll take action.

A Plea For Sympathy

This one might not be a note from a neighbor, but it is passive-aggressive and worth our attention. This poor soul is already broke and is tired of getting the same ticket over and over for their vehicle registration.

This is why you should never wait to do things until the last minute. If this person has paid their registration in a timely manner, then this wouldn’t be an issue. Take notes, kids, always pay your bills before you buy video games.

Instructions Pictured Below

This was such a bad parking job, the person who left the note left drawn instructions so the mistake would never happen again. You see, you want to pull straight into the parking space, not diagonally.

Those instructions make sense to us. We assume they would make sense to most other people as well. If nothing else, we hope that you, our humble reader, will never make parking mistakes again. Not that you ever have. Have you?